The Importance of UX In Digital Marketing

User experience (UX) isn’t something you would normally think that much about as a marketer—your job is to get prospects interested in your brand, right? While that is a large part of your focus, keeping them interested is just as important. Moreover, in today’s technology-centered world, maintaining a solid user experience for your customers on whatever platform you plan to reach them is crucial. Odds are that your company drives a large portion of business from your website, and therefore it includes a variety of marketing materials and information for prospective clients. Making sure those materials are accessible and enjoyable is part of UX. Therefore, UX should be a foundation for digital marketing. The main areas to focus on for improving your UX are usability, design and engagement.


Consumers have grown increasingly impatient due to the increased pace and ability of technology. Because of this, time has increased substantially in value. In other words, consumers aren’t going to wait around for your website to load, nor are they going to dig through your app to find what they are looking for. Generally, usability is about making sure that users have a positive experience on your website in a variety of different ways. Functionality and organization go hand in hand in terms of strengthening usability. Making sure that the speed and organization of your website/app is strong should be at the forefront of your priorities as a marketer.


The aesthetic of your website or app is the first impression many users will have. Making sure the overall design of your site is cohesive, eye-catching and functional is imperative. Having an original, eye-catching design as well as having strong functionality and professionalism in your design can be a difficult balance. However, finding that balance for your customers is vital. The worst thing you can do for you design is make text hard to read, information hard to find, and the overall site hard to look at. Ultimately, design is an essential aspect of UX.


Additionally, user engagement should be a focus for your UX. Engaging your customers means that users are viewing content, absorbing information, and eventually demonstrating strong interest in your company. The more a user engages with your company in this way, the higher the chance is that they will do business with you. There are ways to develop your site in order to make user engagement more prominent and give users more opportunities to engage with your content, like having live chat options, interest forms, etc.

While these are only a few aspects of building a strong UX for your website, they are some basic essentials to focus on as a starting point. has vast experience in developing UX and offers a variety of services to help your company better their digital platform’s UX.

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