The benefits of redundancy in hosting

When it comes to Web hosting, there are few guarantees. However, a strong redundancy structure can help a company combat many of the risk factors that come with hosting its website year round. Here's a look at a few of the most prevalent benefits of redundancy in Web hosting, and what a company should look for as it selects a reliable partner. 

Assurance in any situation
The concept of redundancy is simple yet powerful - it's about having a network designed for continuous availability when primary hardware shuts down or performance decreases. Servers are not invincible, and switching to a redundant location is widely considered the most effective way to avoid devastating losses and ensure uptime in uncertain situations. 

CorpMagazine highlighted some reasons why redundancy is such a strong form of assurance for the modern Web-based business. The source cited a Touche Ross study showing that for companies without a business continuity plan, chances of survival are less than 10 percent. Furthermore, only 6 percent of companies can bounce back from major losses, according to the University of Texas. 

Support from the experts
It's clear that redundancy is the right approach to Web hosting, but only with a great service provider behind the scenes. An article from CentriLogic explained that with the right vendor, "you don't have to worry about maintaining IT hardware, managing an on-site data center, or monitoring your applications," when something goes wrong.   

"Redundancy is a matter of survival."

This is a huge relief for an e-commerce company that already faces a wide range of challenges and can't afford to devote a large portion of its staff to downtime aversion. Decision-makers should know at this point that not all Web hosting partners deliver the same service and support - a rigorous evaluation is necessary to pick the best possible vendor and ensure that the redundancy structure is ready for anything.

Happy customers and staff
Technical benefits aside, redundancy is truly a business-focused solution. Few things are more frustrating for an online shopper than an e-commerce website that simply doesn't work. While some customers will hold off on a purchase and wait for their site to function, the majority will quickly seek out a more convenient and reliable alternative elsewhere on the Web. In other words, a shaky site can lead to dips in loyalty and sales. 

When a company can easily navigate disasters and avoid downtime, it is far more likely to deliver the consistent service that today's consumers expect. It is also a matter of trust for many shoppers, who want to ensure that their personal data is safe with their chosen vendors. Redundant Web hosting is a cost-effective way to build this sense of trustworthiness with a customer base that simply demands more. 

For network stability, customer satisfaction and overall peace of mind, e-commerce decision-makers owe it to themselves to invest in a redundant server structure. This is one competitive advantage that can't be overlooked. 

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