Microsoft Azure™ Training

Microsoft Azure has near limitless possibilities when it comes to developing web solutions. Learn from Azure-certified experts and gain the knowledge you need to design, implement, and deploy new applications while leveraging IoT and AI technology. Each course is led by an instructor and fit for developers.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

    Become a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator and get started on an enriching career in cloud computing. This course will prepare you for the AZ-103/104 exam, give you a solid understanding of what Azure offers and demonstrate how to administer Azure productively with success.

    $799.00 / online attendee
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    Developers and IT Administrators
    Onsite: Three full days | 8-hour sessions
    Online: Three half days | 4-hour sessions
  • IoT Workshop with Raspberry Pi

    This hands-on workshop will introduce attendees to the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Attendees will receive a Raspberry Pi, Analog Water Sensor, breadboard, MCP3008 digital converter, and wiring to set up a real solution to detect water leakage and connect it to the Azure IoT Hub to send telemetry to analyze and execute alerts based on rules and specifications. Power BI will be used to report on the data collected in Azure.

    Developers and IoT Engineers
    Onsite: 8-hour session
    * Price includes hardware for attendees to keep. Maximum of 10 students.

What can Microsoft Azure do for you?

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