A/B Testing

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How it works

A/B Testing

A brief overview and benefits

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A/B testing is a method of splitting your web traffic to a page in order to compare it to a different version. This allows a systematic and controlled way to determine which one converts better.

Stop Guessing

A/B testing validates group and stakeholder opinions, providing a controlled scientific approach. This will allow you to continuously optimize your site over time. Simply put, it works!

Some of our winning results

improvement in demo requests
Joint Commission Resources
improvement in revenue per visit
improvement in "Apply Now" clicks
Consumers Credit Union
improvement in course registrations
Dale Carnegie

The Power of Conversion Optimization

Many companies spend thousands on PPC and other traffic acquisition strategies, but very little on optimizing the traffic they already have.

Compare sessions to your rate of conversion and revenue.

By focusing on onsite conversion, you'll see improvements in revenue even if your traffic and average order value stay the same!

If you are not an e-commerce site, split testing will help you maximize form conversions, registrations, downloads, free trials and more.


What Our Clients are Saying

Split testing the WeatherTech website has provided valuable information for validating our ideas and assumptions as we work to continuously evolve the site.
- Brian Evans
Director of Ecommerce
In the short time we've been working with, our results have been eye-opening. Being able to track and show the monetary benefit from our website has the attention of our CFO and CEO! ...
- Dave Valentine
VP of Sales and Marketing
Consumers Credit Union
A/B testing with has allowed us to measure the real impact of changes made to our website. Instead of guessing at outcomes, we can quickly see the real impact on revenue and conversions
- Michael Dominelli
PinMart, Inc.

Some of our testing clients

Our Methodology

Getting results from A/B testing requires building out the proper foundation for success. Learn more about our multi-stepped approach that guarantees success.

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