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Spraying Systems Co. is the world’s leading manufacturer of spray nozzles. Their spray technology helps customers optimize operations and create more sustainable manufacturing practices. With tens of thousands of standard products, they have the right nozzle for virtually every application. They also develop hundreds of custom nozzles, injectors, and headers every year to solve the toughest spray technology challenges.


Spraying Systems had initiated a Sitecore redesign and re-platform project with another provider who delivered one site and part of the solution. The intent was to develop a scalable solution for multilingual websites that could pull assets from one single source of truth and provide a component-based design where marketers could manage each site without IT involvement. The original content management solution did not hit the target.

Dozens of languages needed to be successfully supported by the next generation of Spraying System’s digital presence. They needed a digital asset management (DAM) solution to organize and deliver all those languages. In addition, a nimble language fallback was necessary for resources that had not yet been translated. The language fallback resources, stored in English, would need to be run through an on-demand translator and displayed in the appropriate language on the appropriate language site.

Spraying Systems digital marketing project


Spraying Systems selected Americaneagle.com to pick up this project where the prior agency had left off. In doing so, the Americaneagle.com team first audited the existing sites and detailed the scope of the business’s content and project needs.

The plan consisted of maximizing the enterprise-friendly and scalable Sitecore content management solution as it was originally intended. At the same time, the customized development work of Americaneagle.com included refactoring the ways components were shared as well as the properties that authors could edit. Enhanced detail within content governance was supported, in part, by thoughtfully organizing resources within a digital asset manager (DAM) solution, WIDEN. Within the DAM, assets were meticulously tagged with details representing product information, language, copyright, licensing, and much more. An Americaneagle.com custom-built Sitecore/WIDEN Accelerator promoted this integration success. The project team’s keen attention to detail within the DAM was essential.

The assets within the DAM now flow into 40+ websites in 40+ languages. This is on record as one of the most robust multilingual projects on record for both Sitecore and WIDEN. While some priority assets are stored as translated resources within the database, many others are translated in-line and displayed on the appropriate site.

Many considerations were made to this redeveloped website solution to maximize search engine optimization (SEO). Essential HREF tags are dynamically generated within the pages of the language-specific sites. A dynamic site map also benefits SEO. Throughout the DAM assets, the detailed attention includes industry-driven priorities for a strategic array of targeted keywords.

In the end, Spraying Systems now has a truly global, flexible, scalable, and composable digital platform integrating Sitecore, WIDEN, and Microsoft Dynamics, which is the software used for customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics at Spraying Systems. 

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