Rosebud Restaurants

Digital Showcase of Classic Italian Cuisine & Dining

Rosebud Restaurants have earned a respected reputation that spans five decades across the Chicagoland area. They serve generous portions of hospitality & quality Italian fare. We are proud to have partnered with Rosebud Restaurant Group to launch a digital presence that empowers them to showcase the classic Italian cuisine and dining experiences that their guests consistently enjoy. Prior to redevelopment, the Rosebud web presence had become dated. Over the years, navigation had grown disjointed and unintuitive. The website’s maintenance also relied heavily on third-party technicians for ongoing content edits, asset development, and routine updates. Simple edits would often require weeks to accomplish. provided the Rosebud team with an easy-to-use Wo...

A collage of Rosebud Restaurants' digital presence showing website interface on desktop and mobile devices with logo and dining images.

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