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Creating and Implementing Content Tools to Improve Communication

HR Policy Association is the lead public policy organization of chief human resource officers representing the largest employers doing business in the United States and globally. The Association brings executives together to discuss how human resource practices and policies should be improved. Another goal is to create a vision for successful HR strategies and pursue initiatives that promote job growth, employment security and competitiveness.

As the need to improve HR strategies and initiatives continued to grow, HR Policy faced difficulty finding and implementing new content. In addition, the organization experienced trouble obtaining new members while maintaining communication with current members.

To alleviate some of these issues, HR Policy enlisted’s content marketing team to design a content strategy that aligned with their business goals. The team began by assessing the procedures the organization already had in place to identify potential opportunities and gaps in communication. found several areas of improvement and provided practical examples of how to create and optimize SEO-friendly content targeted towards specific personas, as well as suggestions on how to develop a content management structure.

The association received a variety of tools from to update their content processes including a content calendar, a content governance plan, a Content Experience (CXP) document and a Writer’s Reference Guide. The guide contains personalized insights for HR Policy divided into five intent-specific categories that will help the Association foster growth via content: Build a Strong Brand Reputation, Strengthen Business Relationships and Foster Innovation, Boost Website Traffic, Grow Your Online Community and Increase Your Social Media Following.

Since partnering with, HR Policy has seen great success and will continue to implement new content marketing strategies. As the Association’s needs expand, so will’s efforts and commitment to the organization.




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