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New Digital Capabilities Advance Association Management Performance

HR Policy Association is the lead public policy organization of chief human resource officers representing the largest employers doing business in the United States and globally. The Association brings executives together to discuss and recommend improvements for human resource practices and policies. 


The existing website for HR Policy Association was developed with a custom content management solution that did not allow internal teams to easily update and maintain site content. For most edits, the association was dependent upon external developers. The site solution was not only inflexible but had grown outdated.

Three different member subscription packages were housed on three separate website URLs. This required many of the content edits to be considered three times. When developer time was required, it was three times the cost. Across the three sites, there was an abundance of content inconsistencies that included missing page descriptions, incomplete tagging, varying tones, and out-of-date resources.

Overall, the user experience for the association members was underperforming within the existing websites. 

Multiple devices showing HR Policy Association website with headlines about connecting, informing, and empowering HR professionals.


The project team from identified Kentico as the digital experience platform that could most capably serve the association’s goals for engaging with, and serving, their membership. In addition, the intuitive, browser-based, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) content manager would provide the association’s contributing teammates unprecedented site access and control of timely updates.

One key recommended change was to combine HR Policy Association’s three websites for membership subscription levels and resources into one. Maximizing single-sign-on permissions, exclusive gated content appropriate to each visiting member would be visible to them. In addition, a portion of the association’s content on the new website is accessible to all membership levels and visitors. Visitor content tastefully highlights the gated resources that are available with a subscription, promoting further engagement with the association. Combining the three sites into one would not only improve content efficiencies and reduce member confusion, but it would also prove to significantly benefit search rankings and SEO.

The new site’s data integrations with existing systems enable live data synch with Higher Logic, HR Association’s association management system (AMS), as well as Salesforce for relationship data and event management. An event widget that includes a registration link is distributed across all event-related content pages. This reduces clicks for users who want to register for an event as they can begin the process from any page where events are mentioned.

Topical content pillars led the organization and development of site content. The new topics pages allow content authors to select the primary topic for their content, which supports the relationship to popular related events, news, and publications, enabling them to be displayed and linked alongside the new content. Content developers within HR Policy Association were provided a detailed experience guide and consultative training to promote consistency in, and engagement with, their contributions to the new site.

Advanced site search has greatly enhanced search success and the user experience. The search is set up to prioritize landing pages for specific content types, as well as provide intelligent cross-linking to relevant pages.


  • 70
    increase in Organic Session Acquisition (Q2 YoY)

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