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In 1526, Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta delivered 185 firearms to the Venetian Arsenal, and thus began a 500-year tradition of excellence that continues today. As the world’s oldest manufacturing company still in operation, Beretta continuously aims to extend their industry superiority. With ecommerce growing at an alarming rate it was imperative Beretta offered their clients a pleasant online shopping experience. Turning to for the redesign and development of their outdated website. implemented the powerful idev Content Management System (CMS) allowing back end administrators the ability to manage and control published content.




Beretta came to for the redesign, development and hosting of their United States ecommerce website, The focus was to increase their online sales, conversions, awareness, and exposure, while making it easier for visitors to quickly find and purchase an item. They also wanted their website to better align with the Beretta brand.


To accomplish these goals, created a custom design with a look and feel that accurately aligns with the Beretta brand and appeals to their various target audiences. Furthermore, the implementation of’s idev® Ecommerce platform enables Beretta USA to focus on continuous revenue generation through well-crafted navigation, search functionality, purchasing paths, and merchandising tactics. In addition, was built to accommodate new features as the online store grows. This ensures that Beretta can easily add new functionalities as needed. worked with Beretta to develop and integrate a navigation menu that enables visitors to find information as quickly and intuitively as possible. Additionally, the integration with Beretta’s in-house system streamlines the back end business operations. The call center operators are now utilizing the new website to place orders for customers and to look up information, all in one centralized location.

Beretta Website Success Testimonial

Beretta USA

During the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, over 40% of our customers used search at least once before purchasing. We’ve also found that 90% of our visitors only see the first page of search results, meaning relevancy and merchandising have become hugely important. With Hawk Search’s advanced internal site search, we’ve decreased the time and effort it takes our customers to find products, which is a crucial element to increasing our conversions.

Ugo Muffolini
Channel Marketing Manager, Ecommerce


Since the site’s launch, has enjoyed tremendous success. The site was recognized with a silver award in the MCM Awards, an annual industry competition hosted by Multichannel Merchant. Beretta has found that their new site and its tools have given them the momentum to better establish their online presence. Ugo Muffolini, Channel Marketing Manager for ecommerce at Beretta USA, explained that idev® Mail and the site search have been an integral part of their Web strategy. “Since implementing idev® Mail, we’ve been able to more clearly understand and improve our broadcast email marketing results. We’ve increased our average open rates to 35%,” said Muffolini. The results speak for themselves. In the first three months after launch, Beretta USA saw a 43% increase in online revenue, and a 31% increase in average order value. In the long term, the project has paid off, with annual online revenue having increased by 341%.

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