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Cleveland Web & Application Development’s trusted reputation for website development and mobile app solutions has been built by consistently amplifying the very best of the clients we serve. Many of our clients are businesses we know within communities in which we have chosen to live and work. The Cleveland metropolitan area is a home community for We have been filled with appreciation for our northern Ohio neighbors since first opening our Westlake office in 2006. We have enjoyed consistently engaging in, and being inspired by, this growing community.

The wide range of talent and experiences within teams provide the confidence to rise to any digital challenge that is faced by our business partners. We have successfully partnered with some of the world’s most recognized brands to launch impactful websites and apps that include complex integrations, platform implementations, advanced design, development, and digital marketing services. We launched our first site in 1995. Since then has been on the leading edge of internet and technology solutions.

Our digital teams lead with an efficient and attentive discovery process ahead of project conception, development, launch, and support. We collaborate with client teams to develop website and application strategies that deliver business-advancing value. knows there is not a one-solution-fits-all digital solution that is appropriate for all types of businesses and industries. Each of our client’s unique business needs drives the custom strategies and solutions to ultimately support each brand’s digital success. Our solutions consistently blend smart tech options and content to promote business growth and sustained success. Web and Application Development Services

Web & Application Development Services

System Integrations

The digital solutions provided by very rarely stand alone. Today’s businesses maximize sophisticated tech stacks in their day-to-day operations. Integrating existing business systems is an essential part of the solutions we provide. A seamless flow of clean data and high-performing technology is the foundation of an excellent digital presence. From CDPs, ERPs, CRMs, POSs, PIMs, and many others, we consistently and skillfully integrate third-party systems.’s wide range of experience and success with system integrations provides clients with confidence in their dependable digital solutions. 

Onsite Search Implementations

Within modern websites, the success of site search remains critically important. Site users routinely depend upon the site’s search as a preferred route to the content they seek. In tandem with other navigation components, site search efficiency has a consistent influence on positive and negative brand experiences. Our talented and experienced search teams are able to maximize today’s site search options and produce excellent results. We have successfully deployed sophisticated AI strategies and customized search experiences for a diverse range of clients. Consider partnering with for your brand’s site search.

Websites, Intranets, & Mobile App Development

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and partner to reimagine a results-driven website, intranet, or mobile application. The digital solutions teams at deliver consistently engaging experiences that promote brands, grow business audiences, and improve overall online performance. Your colleagues will be confident in their access and ability to effectively manage content to increase day-to-day conversions.

CMS & Ecommerce Platform Implementation maintains strategic development partnerships with the world’s leading enterprise content management and ecommerce solutions. Many within our digital solutions teams maintain professional certifications within those platforms. As we consider solutions, our approach is always technology-agnostic. Our teams are solely committed to identifying and implementing the very best technology to achieve each client’s predefined business goals and objectives. Platform upgrades are also an important service that we commonly provide to consistently improve the digital capabilities and website performance of our clients.

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