Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Great Fit for B2C Companies

“Is there a way to launch sophisticated email campaigns faster?”

“How do I get more out of my marketing insights?”

“What does it take to build an online community and grow my customer lifetime value?”

These are just some of the questions that swirl through most B2C marketers’ heads.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you solve these dilemmas — and many more. Decked out with cutting-edge features like Journey Builder, Google Analytics 360, Email Studio, and Social Studio, the platform is a B2C marketer’s playground. One stretched across all channels from email to social, mobile, and even advertising.

But you wouldn’t just show your customers the photo of a product and expect them to take your word for it, so today we’ll explore some of these features more in-depth. Keep reading to see exactly how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you achieve new online retail heights, just like it did for over five thousand B2C companies.

Get Into Your Audience Mind and Deliver at the Perfect Moment

Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences is not your average customer data platform (CDP). It generates unified customer profiles pulling data from first-, second-, and third-parties such as email, online behavior, ecommerce, and CRM.

Most enterprises use more than 15 data sources, which makes it difficult to understand customers at a deeper level and sell efficiently. ”A single source of truth,” as Salesforce calls it, Customer 360 Audiences solves this issue by taking care of everything-data; from its collection and unification to its activation and insights. It also creates and analyzes specialized audience segments.

What does that mean for your business?

Simply put, when you have a crystal clear image of your customer and share it across all your marketing platforms, you’re able to achieve a couple of things including:

- Optimizing your advertising budget by suppressing old consumers that already bought from you, and investing in net-new customers.

- Boosting brand engagement via tailored content.

- Increasing sales by enabling service reps to make a perfectly-timed, relevant offers on the spot, after taking a single glance at customers purchase history, email engagement, and web interaction.

It’s imperative that all this sensitive data is handled properly and that you comply with the newest legal standards, like GDPR and CCPA. The system ensures this through safe provisioning measures and dashboards for opt-outs and consent flags.

That’s not the only tool Salesforce designed to help you harness all of your customer data. With Journey Builder, you can tailor customers’ journeys based on real-time events like purchases, mobile app downloads, and more.

And if you want to uncover new targeted audiences, the answer is Audience Studio. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), this feature is capable of analyzing billions of data signals and sources to reach your goals.

Monetize Your Social Media Presence

You can’t have a complete picture of your customers without understanding their social media behavior.

Several statistics prove that a great deal of B2C sales happens on social media. Indeed, around 60% of Instagram users say they learn about new products on Instagram. Social Media Messenger sales are also growing by the minute.

Thanks to Social Studio, you can not only monitor your customers’ social interactions but also monetize them. Whether you want to micro-analyze reactions to a certain post or record mentions of your brand across all networks, this tool does it all.

Enhance your marketing research efforts with solutions like machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition that turn your audience discussions into digital focus groups. Then, head over to the Salesforce Command Center to watch live customer interactions, brand health, and campaign results, all displayed on multiple vibrant dashboards.

You can also create and manage content with ease, get inspiration from trending topics, and choose from hundreds of stock photos. Furthermore, when your posts gain social media recognition, give them a boost by quickly inserting ads.

Enjoy the Flexibility - and the ROI

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate all that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has to offer.

Its unique templates, drag-and-drop tools, and ready-made solutions will help your team shave off countless hours of intensive labor.

The Email Studio best showcases this.

It comes with drag-and-drop functions, personalized scripting language, and interactive content like carousels and weather reports. All you have to do is get creative.

Does looking at data give you a serious case of vertigo? Not this time. The platform is equipped with customizable dashboards that can be kept private or shared. Data Studio, for instance, offers advanced audience discovery and reporting tools that are as easy to use by media planners as they are by analysts.

Going mobile is a scary endeavor for many B2C marketers, but Mobile Studio allows you to drive customer engagement while being playful. There are templates for everything from outbound, to text-response, to email opt-in campaigns, to multimedia messages, and you can even personalize messages based on location, demographics, etc.

Ready to try the best-in-class capabilities of the marketing cloud?

Americaneagle.com is a Salesforce Certified partner and our powerful Salesforce assists clients like you at every step of the way. Read more about our services and contact us today to get started!

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