What is Kentico Xperience?: The Benefits of Kentico's DXP Solution

Congratulations to Kentico on the recent re-brand of their Enterprise Marketing Suite to the freshly named Xperience! The Kentico EMS (now Enterprise) offering has notably offered a wide array of multi-channel features and functions that blurred the line between experience management and capabilities found in more historic content management offerings. With this re-brand, Kentico is formally declaring their Digital Xperience Platform (DXP) capabilities and re-affirming their commitment to giving digital business users the tools they need to drive user engagement beyond historic means.

So, what does a DXP solution offer and how does it differ from the content management strategies we’ve all seen for so long?

According to Gartner:

A digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.

1. Consolidated yet extensible

WCM/CMS offerings have slowly been trending towards a more robust feature set meant to equip the digital marketer with all the things they need to manage user touchpoints with their brand from a core nervous system that unites and powers your brand. Kentico has completed this evolution. From a single hub, the system allows for the management of site content, collection, and unification of user data/analytics, and it will put that intel to work through a variety of channel-based tactics. Our industry is rapidly expanding and Kentico knows it. As technology evolves, they recognize that other systems can be used to help extend your digital reach and those systems can then be connected to form the full web of digital experience for your brand in addition to the core content offering found within.

2. Uniform yet varied

Competent marketers know that users are interacting with their brand through multiple channels beyond the core website. DXP allows for the management of these experiences to achieve consistency across touchpoints to secure a successful conversion. Now more than ever, marketers are opening their toolbox and reaching out beyond the core web experience to ensure that these brand experiences stay true to the needs of their organization and meet their users where they want to be met. Check out the Xperience sister product, Kontent, for more ways to help enrich your brand ecosystem.

3. Operational efficiency

The best part? The focused and intentional offering aimed to help transcend channel means reduced cycle time and increased ROI for all of your digital initiatives. Content is no longer planned simply for a page. It’s also re-purposed tactically and leveraged across channels to help complete the user’s buying cycle.

Those are great concepts. How do they work in practice?

The leader in the fuel and lubricant additives industry, Afton Chemical utilizes this marketing philosophy alongside Americaneagle.com and Kentico to drive results on their web property. With Kentico, the website is faster and more stable, which opened the door for more qualified traffic and resulted in a 34% increase in business inquiries. As a sales and engineering organization, this digital innovation pairs with their business philosophy to empower success and share their values anywhere they meet a prospective client.

Similarly, Sunflower Bank saw a staggering $1.7m in new account openings as a result of their implementation with Kentico Enterprise. With over 60 branches across multiple Midwest/East states, the flexibility afforded them by a DXP implementation was crucial to the success of their multiple online properties. Through collaboration between the Americaneagle.com Digital Marketing team and the wonderful folks at Sunflower Bank, Kentico plays house to a variety of multi-channel tactics intended to further their already successful post-launch triumphs.

Lastly, the Forest Preserve of Will County paired their Kentico Enterprise offering with a Machine Learning, AI-driven search offering, Hawksearch, to help unite users with the content they desire. As a result, they saw an increase of 151% engagement with their interactive map features, a high-value set of pages for users. By extending Kentico with this additional tool, they were able to capitalize on the intelligence gathered via search reporting and streamline user journeys to help them reach content effortlessly.

The proof is here to see and here to stay.

While short, these stories provide simple reminders that how technology is used is equally as important as the choices that power it. With Kentico Enterprise, we see a burgeoning brand positioned for the health and success of your digital presence. Experience management doesn’t have to be about a dozen channels and fifty campaigns. A DXP product allows the opportunity to scale at your pace and drive results. DXP puts the power in your hands – it’s your choice how you use it and the ways are many.

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Wes McChristian Kentico Practice Lead and Digital Strategist at Americaneagle.com
Wes joined the Americaneagle.com family in February 2011 as a project manager and has since become the leader of Americaneagle.com’s Kentico practice where he provides oversight and direction to a team of project managers and helps execute priorities alongside development resources. Furthermore, he is the leading subject matter expert for the Kentico platform within Americaneagle.com where he works with personnel to train and innovate. He continuously works with clients and teams to provide daily communication, project updates, guide budget management, production forecast, and strategic direction.

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