Social Media Best Practices to Amplify Your Branding and Digital Marketing Strategy

As businesses continue to connect with customers staying at home, or alert customers to their re-opening restaurant, business or store, social media remains an important way to connect. Perhaps now, more than ever is the time to work on your social media strategy and incorporate some of our top social media marketing tips.

Always Use a Call to Action

Our first and foremost social media marketing tip is to always use a call to action when you post on social media, with a link back to a relevant page on your site where possible. After reading your content, give your readers somewhere to go next – to the blog post you’re promoting or a relevant page on your site – rather than continuing to scroll down their feed. Adding a call to action and link allows your users to further engage with your brand.

Make the Most of Original Images

It’s one of the simplest and most basic of social media marketing tips, but images never get old. If you have the time, equipment, and ability, get the high quality, artistic lifestyle imagery you need to bring your product or service to life. Captivating images are not only important for social media, but also for showcasing your products and services on your website, in blog posts, on product pages and more. Much of social, online and offline marketing is image-driven. If you invest in images, there will be no end to their use. Consider using a free tool like Canva to make your images social-ready, use overlays and add your logo.

Make a Content Calendar

This social media marketing tip emphasizes the importance of planning to provide the best possible content to your users across channels, to drive maximum engagement.

If you’re posting on multiple social media platforms, multiple times a week, organization is key. Decide on a set number of times to post on each platform per week, and create a calendar planning and drafting out posts for each month, one month ahead of time. You can always edit and add more posts to the calendar that are topical and timely. 

Use Hashtags

Our next social media marketing tip is to make the most of using hashtags! Hashtags can be used across platforms, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and any platform you’re likely using to promote your business. Here are a few social media marketing tips for using hashtags:

• Make a particular effort to use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

• Try using hashtags that users will search for – hashtags are a way for new customers to find your business.

• Don’t use too many hashtags per post. Over-using hashtags can look spammy.

• If you use hashtags on LinkedIn, keep them professional and limit it to 1-2 per post.

• Use 1-2 hashtags per post on Facebook and Twitter.

• It might be applicable to use more hashtags on Instagram, but keep it limited to around 5 per post. Consider adding your hashtags in the first comment on your post, so that they don’t detract from your caption.

• Create new hashtags that are unique to your brand, or a particular event you’re running.

• Research and use trending hashtags.

• Look at the hashtags your competitors are using and learn from your own past successes.

Experiment with Paid Social Ads

Paid ads can enable new customers to find your business. With plenty of people spending time at home and online, now could be a great time to make use of this social media marketing tip.

If you do decide to see how far you can reach with paid social ads, carefully craft your ad for success. As above, use a captivating image, call to action, and link back to your site.

Paid Facebook ads are a popular choice. Use organic data, found under “Insights” on your Facebook business page, or from Google Analytics, if you have an account set up. Take a look at your past posts – which have been most popular? What do these posts have in common? Boost a popular post, or use this information to create a new paid Facebook ad.  

Make the most of Facebook Ads Manager and try split-testing ads to see which version of your ad is most successful.  

Experiment with Video

Social media users love video. Whether you decide to create some professional pre-recorded videos to capture users’ attention or engage users with live-streamed video, this is another social media marketing tip that is set to grow in popularity.

Live-streamed video can be a great way to build your brand and strengthen the connection with your customers, by allowing them to meet the team behind the brand and offering a behind-the-scenes look at your business. If applicable, you can even show your products in action.

If you do choose to make live video content, ensure you promote the event before it takes place, with a relevant hashtag of course!

We hope these social media marketing tips help you increase your reach and engage with new customers. Contact to gain insight tailored to your business and for professional social media marketing services, digital marketing services, web development and more.

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