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While out-of-the-box Progress Sitefinity provides a seamless way to create highly functioning, branded websites with the ability to add custom integrations, it also comes with plenty of its own integrations.

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What is a Sitefinity Add-On?

Often referred to as add-ons, Sitefinity produces packages of custom ASP.NET code, configurations, content, and assets that extend the core functionality of its content management system (CMS) capabilities. The modules are often available as purchase options to your Sitefinity license while some are bundled up within different licenses.

Continue reading to learn more about a few of the most common Sitefinity add-ons.

Progress NativeChat

NativeChat is an AI-driven ‘chatbot’ to help you interact with customers without the need for a human. It is the sort of tool you would look to use to improve/increase interactions with your visitors as well as help reduce direct contact with your staff for repetitive actions or questions – such as submitting a support ticket or answering FAQs.

Sitefinity documentation describes NativeChat as the following: “Progress NativeChat is a cloud product for building and deploying chatbots into various channels. Chatbots can interact with users naturally by understanding natural language expressions. Then they can generate reactions and responses based on a cognitive flow definition.”

The add-on itself is a third-party service but the Sitefinity team built supported integration so that it’s simple to add to your website. It originally started out as an example project using SignalR and has now grown into what it is today.

LiveChat for Sitefinity

LiveChat is a cloud-based live chat and messaging platform that integrates with your Sitefinity implementation so you can provide customers with a delightful experience across their entire journey.

The add-on elevates customer experience by providing real-time support, scalable customer service, proactive engagement, and multiple types of integrations for multiple users. From a technical perspective, LiveChat provides open messaging protocol with real-time and web APIs, rich messaging tools, reporting and data extraction APIs, monetization tools and developer console, and more. 


MOVEit is a secure file transfer service offered by Progress. If you would like to provide visitors and customers the ability to upload sensitive documents and need to ensure their security then MOVEit is the service to consider.

Sitefinity documentation describes MOVEit as the following: “This integration enables you to securely upload and store documents with sensitive information in MOVEit, making sure your organization is compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations. You can easily configure Sitefinity CMS so whenever users upload documents that contain sensitive data in forms, the files are automatically transferred and stored in the MOVEit storage provider.”

Furthermore, MOVEit’s encryption and activity tracking capabilities enable compliance for such regulations as PIC, HIPAA, and GDPR. 

Progress Corticon

Corticon is a decision automation tool. It provides a simplified user experience for IT and business experts to manage their complex digital decisions outside of the application — without needing a Sitefinity developer. The connector works with your Sitefinity forms. For example, you may have a form that collects a user’s details for an insurance quote. The connector will pass this information back to Corticon where, based on your rules, it will generate a quote for the user. The user may then agree to the quote allowing you to sign them up and into your system all without the need for a telephone call. There is one difference between Corticon and other Sitefinity add-ons – Corticon’s connector code is free! You download it from GitHub and integrate it into the backend of your Sitefinity website.

Sitefinity Insights

Sitefinity Insight collects data about how visitors interact with your website. It enables you to leverage integrated customer data management, digital experience analytics, personalization, AI-driven content and campaign capabilities, and more, to segment your audience and transform their journey.

Through a number of capabilities, such as data capture, customer journey mapping, A/B testing, security and compliance, and much more, Sitefinity Insight accelerates your time to market and drives marketing return on investment. 


Integrations are a big feature of the Sitefinity platform. They help increase the power and functionality of your Sitefinity implementation. Some of the most common types of integrations include digital asset management, site search, marketing automation, customer relationship management, translation services, search engine optimization, and so much more. Learn more about Sitefinity’s multitude of integrations here

Sitefinity Website Development

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