Sitecore Commerce Cloud, OrderCloud & Discover: Features & Benefits

Ecommerce growth and continued success are dependent upon maximizing technology integration, customer data sophistication, and online shopping satisfaction. Sitecore’s composable ecommerce products, Sitecore Commerce Cloud, OrderCloud & Discover are leading the way.

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Intro to Sitecore Commerce Cloud, OrderCloud, & Discover

Sitecore helps enterprise brands deliver exceptional online experiences. From the first release of their content management system (CMS) in 2001, Sitecore innovation has led a consistent evolution of digital capabilities and performance. SaaS-enabled, cloud solutions from the market-leading digital experience platform (DXP) are now provided by three composable Sitecore products, Content Cloud, Engagement Cloud, and Commerce Cloud.

At, we are an original Sitecore development partner and are recognized as a Platinum Sitecore Solution Partner. Our Sitecore team has implemented over 500 client projects, recognized 25 Sitecore MVPs over the last six years, hold over 100 Sitecore certifications, and built a dynasty of repeat Sitecore Hackathon winners. Global businesses turn to our experienced Sitecore team for help advancing digital performance for their brand and exploring the capabilities of Sitecore products.

We are excited to introduce the capabilities of Sitecore Commerce Cloud to more businesses seeking the intelligence and integration to power their next generation of ecommerce. Sitecore Commerce Cloud provides commerce at scale via two components named OrderCloud and Discover.

  • Sitecore OrderCloud is a product within Sitecore’s Commerce Cloud that is providing the ecommerce storefront, product catalog, integration flexibility, and merchandizing capabilities for leading brands to advance online satisfaction and grow revenue.
  • Sitecore Discover is a product within Sitecore’s Commerce Cloud that maximizes site search, merchandising, and real-time AI-powered product discovery and recommendations. With Discover, brand relationships are intelligently personalized to drive individualized shopper journeys.

How, specifically, can OrderCloud help your brand? This article shares more of OrderCloud’s benefits for your customers as well as the efficiencies, features, and capabilities to empower your internal teams.

What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud offers the platform’s most capable and sophisticated ecommerce and order management solutions via headless, API-first, and cloud-native solutions.

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Core Features of Sitecore OrderCloud

Headless Approach

Today’s technology principles are moving away from monolithic platforms that struggle to adapt to digital solution advancements toward an agile, composable, customer-focused, best-of-breed approach are known as MACH.

MACH is an acronym that stands for:

  • Microservices-based
  • API-first
  • Cloud-native
  • Headless

OrderCloud has fully adopted MACH architecture.

Within headless digital solutions, the front-end user experience is purposefully decoupled from back-end logic and data. Headless solutions have proven most powerful for omnichannel content and commerce delivery. Front-end user experiences utilizing frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue can be efficiently created or redeveloped to make the most of new customer engagement opportunities. The decoupled back-end can deliver resources to a variety of different devices and platforms. Every front-end experience is then able to uniquely focus on the UX and SEO considerations driving the ultimate business goal – conversions.

Each component of a headless solution is separately developed and maintained. Simplified components are more efficiently upgraded. Backend maintenance and expenditures tend to favor headless efficiencies as well.

API-First Framework

Conventions within OrderCloud’s application programming interface (API) enable business tech stack interoperability. The standardized API architectural style that is used throughout the platform is RESTful. The thoughtful focus on predictability and consistency within the API-first OrderCloud framework provides unparalleled usability, service integration, and functionality.

The API-first framework of OrderCloud facilitates seamless service integrations for clients, parallel development success, and the ability to exponentially scale. API calls can reference various databases.

Sitecore offers developers informative, transparent introductions to OrderCloud architecture, conventions, and building blocks.

Versatile Platform for B2B, B2C, and B2X Website Capabilities

Prior to Sitecore Commerce Cloud and Sitecore OrderCloud, consumer-driven considerations led commerce products that had been offered from Sitecore. In response to the growing demand for ecommerce solutions that could capably align with modern, omnichannel shopping journeys, Sitecore acquired a headless commerce platform that was branded OrderCloud. OrderCloud was originally a B2B-first platform. Now, Sitecore OrderCloud provides the customer relationship tools, pricing controls, shipping rules, promotions management, billing, extensibility, and more to improve even the most complex B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and B2X marketplaces.

"HeadStart" Approach

OrderCloud’s HeadStart provides businesses with a selection of pre-configured components that combine for a capable, quick-to-launch ecommere solution. HeadStart’s commerce management priorities for development and integrations streamline OrderCloud solutions for brands and their customers.

With HeadStart, businesses save valuable go-to-market time and resources. Preconfigured components within Sitecore OrderCloud’s HeadStart deliver a best-in-class commerce management experience. Features and capabilities include integrated product information management (PIM) and refined management of users, inventory, pricing, orders, taxes, promotions, shipping, payments, and content. Integrations may also be powered by Sitecore OrderCloud’s integration management framework in HeadStart.


The flexible hierarchy of building blocks within SiteCore OrderCloud support rich modeling of B2B, B2C, and B2X organizations, clearly controlling relationships between users and data. Marketplaces are one of those essential building blocks. Marketplaces are the root entities. Within them, user roles are segmented within categories such as admins, buyers, suppliers, and more. 

Each audience that is segmented and tailored to be uniquely served within a business marketplace receives a more personalized, informed, and successful brand experience. Marketing strategists welcome this approach, knowing that improving brand satisfaction for existing relationships is essential to overall business growth. 

If you would like to learn more about Sitecore products and hear timely examples of leading brands accelerating their digital solutions with Sitecore and, you will want to check out The Sitecore Water Cooler, a popular Sitecore podcast from Studios. 

Sitecore Water Cooler Podcast at

Integration with Sitecore Discover

Sitecore Discover is the sibling companion of OrderCloud under the parent brand, Sitecore Commerce Cloud. When businesses deploy Discover and OrderCloud together, the digital solutions can provide shoppers with personalized, AI-driven product suggestions and hyper-relevant search results. The majority of modern shoppers prefer this richer, more personalized user experience across all their product catalogs. Many even expect it.

Let Discover partner with your business to intelligently increase customer engagement, conversion rates, revenue, and brand authority.

The Sitecore team at was among the first to maximize Sitecore Commerce Cloud, OrderCloud, and Discover for a leading-edge client implementation. Since then, consistent client success with some of the world’s most recognized brands has built a trusted reputation as a Platinum Sitecore Solution Partner. Is it time to enlist the best for your brand? Speak with a Sitecore expert from today

Why Choose Sitecore OrderCloud?

  • Flexibility: Monolithic, suite-based ecommerce platforms have less agility and flexibility than the headless, API-first solutions available in Sitecore OrderCloud. OrderCloud’s flexibility extends to maximize existing investments in back-end systems or similarly architected best-of-breed solutions across specific business and industry tech stacks.
  • Scalability: API-first design ensures that as a business grows, so can the platform.
  • Versatility: Diverse marketplaces are served by Sitecore OrderCloud with consistently high performance. Whether your brand is B2C, B2B, or B2X, Sitecore OrderCloud has been proving to be today’s composable commerce solution-of-choice across all industries and sectors.
  • Speed: Not only does Sitecore’s HeadStart provide faster deployment and quicker time to market, future opportunities to implement or integrate new features are much more efficient as well. OrderCloud’s decoupled headless commerce solution also allows optimized front-end experiences and back-end resources to maximize speed and performance.
  • Security: With Azure and Sitecore OrderCloud best practices in place, your brand’s ecommerce solutions can be compliant with top security standards like:

- PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)
- SOC2 TYPE2 with HIPAA controls
- GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
- CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act)

The Future of Sitecore Commerce: Why Sitecore OrderCloud Stands Out

If your business is stuck with a monolithic platform solution for ecommerce, now is the time to look into Sitecore Commerce and OrderCloud. In doing so, you will no longer have to deal with an antiquated, legacy platform’s lack of customization, limited extensibility, and non-existent agility. Your business performance should be benefitting from the new, composable tools and technologies accessible within Sitecore Commerce.

The Sitecore Development Services team at welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your business and partner in advancing the commerce capabilities within Sitecore Commerce.

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