Modern Marketing Messages Podcast: The Importance of Branding in Marketing

Branding is critical to any business – it represents your DNA, helps set you apart from the competition, and promotes recognition. Does your business prioritize branding within your overall marketing strategy?

Patti Winger, Director of Engagement Marketing & Communications at Uponor, talked with our host, Taylor Karg, about the importance of branding in marketing and creating an emotional connection with core customers. We get to hear Winger’s journey with taking Uponor from a small operation to a global brand as well as the requirements every business should have when developing a brand for their business. And lastly, while rebranding can be overwhelming at first, Winger shares advice for developing a strategy and building a brand architecture that better equips you to transform your business and create longevity for new customers. 

Uponor is a Finnish company that sells indoor climate, plumbing, and infrastructure products. 

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Patti Winger quote on customer experience and branding in marketing

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