Modern Marketing Messages Podcast: How Does a Focus on Accessible Design Benefit End Users?

Accessible UI design is when we think about the experience and the user interface in a complete and inclusive way, allowing all users to navigate with autonomy and comfort.

In this episode, our host, Taylor Karg is joined by’s Director of Front End Development and Accessibility Nick Goodrum. The two discuss the importance of accessibility in the design process for your website, the basic functions needed to implement accessibility for your site, and how web accessibility is shifting its focus to a more proactive approach.  

According to research conducted by Siteimprove's, 69% of people with disabilities leave a website immediately if it’s not accessible. Additionally, Siteimprove found that 80% of users would rather buy from a more expensive web shop than one with poor accessibility. These statistics really hone in on the importance of focusing on accessible design throughout the entire development process.

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Nick Goodrum Discusses the importance of accessible design

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