Mobile for Marketers: Optimizing for Conversion

Why Mobile?

If you were to go 50 years back in time and tell somebody that in your pocket there’s a device that fits in your hand and contains a limitless amount of information, not a soul would believe you. However, the year is 2017 and the future has arrived. Nowadays almost everybody uses the internet on their phone or other mobile device every day. Just as technology has adapted as time progresses, businesses must also learn to adapt as technology progresses. In this article we will discuss how marketers can adapt to the increase in mobile website traffic.

Be Responsive

Have you ever been frustrated by a site that doesn’t work well on your phone or tablet? Maybe the page is too small and only takes up half the screen and you find yourself using two fingers and squinting to enlarge the text. We’ve all been on sites like this, and we all hate it – in fact, you likely left the site and found the product or information you were looking for elsewhere.  

Don’t let your customers have this experience when they reach your site! Whether your site is B2B or B2C, repeat customers and new or potential customers are always drawn to a hassle-free experience. A website that is not responsive will create extra effort on behalf of your users – and they’re not likely to repeat the experience.

If your site is not responsive yet, making this change should be at the very top of your to-do list.

Email on the Go

Your customers are receiving countless emails a day – each one only gets a moment of their attention, sometimes only long enough to decide whether to open or delete. If you’re successful with your subject line and get that sought after open, you want to make conversion as easy as possible.  Ensuring your emails displays correctly on the most commonly used mobile phones will improve your chances.

If your email messages aren’t optimized for mobile users, your message is likely to be scattered. Often the call to action button is not easy to find, and the email requires the user to constantly zoom in and out just to read the email. Many readers won’t put in the extra effort it would take to read it.

Ensure mobile users can easily read your emails and you’re likely to see an increase in click through rate and conversion.

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