Mobile Commerce Trends To Stay On Top Of To Close The Conversion Gap

As more and more customers head online to fulfill their shopping needs, many online retailers are finding that they can no longer continue treating their checkout experience as an afterthought. Clean web design and catchy advertisements are effective tools for getting shoppers to your site, but what happens when a shopper begins adding items to their digital shopping carts? And most importantly -- how are you converting these shoppers?

Ecommerce sales are expected to account for approximately 25% of all global retail by 2024 and a significant portion of these sales will be driven by mobile. Much in the same way that online brands have had to cater their checkout to meet the expectations of desktop shoppers - we’re seeing a repeat for mobile shopping.'s partner, Bolt, has a guide that takes you through a comprehensive look into the 6 commerce trends today’s retailers need to keep an eye on to help them convert tomorrow’s shoppers. These topics include: 

The Rise of Mobile Voice Shopping

Approximately a third of consumers own a voice assistant and this growing adoption has contributed significantly to shopping-via-voice’s growth.

VR & AR Aided Shopping

The 2020/2021 global health crisis forced many retailers to rethink the need for physical locations and supplement consumers' need to “experience” their products with AR/VR technology.

Popular Payment Methods

Retail shoppers want to facilitate seamless purchasing without being bothered to type in their credit card details into their smartphones.

Checkout Processes & Flows

Mobile commerce brings its own unique challenges that retailers must solve - like how to offer shoppers the same intimate purchase experiences on a significantly smaller screen (compared to desktop).

Shoppable Content

Today’s tech savvy shoppers want to be able to shop when and wherever they want -- including directly from their favorite social sites.

The Growth of Super Apps

The Apple App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android have seen an explosive growth in the number of apps listed on their platform (4.83M combined). To cut through this “app overload” tech giants are building Super Apps: multiple apps within an umbrella app with access to multiple services. 

 Get your copy of Bolt’s guide today! Click here to view the free ebook: 6 Mobile Trends for 2021 to Close the Mobile Conversion Gap. 

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