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Kentico Cloud is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) from Kentico, an partner.  While Kentico Cloud’s primary aim is to provide a full CMS experience in the cloud, it can also be used as a staging tool for your traditional Kentico CMS.

Wondering why you would want to have staging tool for your CMS?  Content collaboration products such as those within Kentico Cloud (formerly Kentico Draft) are gaining popularity because they allow for content entry earlier in a project timeline.  At, we know from our metrics that projects lose the most time during content entry, which is typically one of the later activities in a project timeline.

When a staging tool is employed, we can implement your content strategy right at the beginning of your project.  After the planning phase, your team can work on Kentico Cloud content entry in parallel with our Kentico-certified developers who are building out your custom Kentico CMS.  This early engagement and parallel progress really speeds things up.

Of course, not all content collaboration products are equal, so how do you choose one?  The potential for delays is directly related to differences between the abilities of the staging tool and the tools in the Kentico CMS.  A lesser staging tool might restrict the structure of your content tree and content types.  It might not allow for all the users, permissions, and workflow functionality that you need.  And worst of all, it might not provide an easy way to get your content out of the staging tool and into the CMS.

Kentico Cloud solves all of these common problems.  It is made by Kentico and integrated directly with your Kentico site, giving you an early opportunity to get familiar with the full Kentico experience that you chose for your project.  Manage the content tree and content types, account for multiple sites and multiple languages, control users and workflow, and seamlessly synchronize content between Kentico Cloud and your Kentico CMS.

Many clients have already used Kentico Cloud to shorten their project timelines and reduce development costs.  Get content entry started early in your next project by using a content collaboration product.  Kentico Cloud is a great addition to your project budget, as the substantial benefits outweigh the modest price.  No other content collaboration product can compete with Kentico’s own product that integrates seamlessly.

If Kentico Draft sounds like a fit for your next Kentico project, please contact Kentico Gold Partner today!

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