In Case You Blinked at Microsoft Build 2020

So how did you like the 651 sessions at Microsoft Build 2020 this year?  I loved it! Especially the party!  I even placed a bottle of beer in each room in my house and went Bar Hoping after the 1:45 am session on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 😊

The information overload did not disappoint with so many great people working on so many great technologies.

I am excited to share everything I learned in the last 48 hours with my colleagues at and start using most of these gems in my day to day work - whether it is consulting, architecting or training – and do my part in passing on what I learned to the rest of the world.

Here is a list with links about the most important announcements that took place in the last 48 hours

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

microsoft build graphic

Microsoft Fluid – Fluid Workspaces and Fluid Components are in preview in Outlook Web App and  Fluid will be Open Source!

Project Cortex
– Coming this summer – Applies AI to Microsoft Graph to create a Knowledge Network for your organization.

project reunion diagram

Project Reunion - Unify Win32 and UWP Apps – Hallelujah! This will make some people at very happy 😊

Windows Terminal 1.0 Released! – Powerful and fast terminal application

rainbow pixels

is back! – Awesome features! Especially the FancyZones!

Windows Package Manager – WinGet – Awesome sauce!

Sidebar in New Edge

.NET 5 preview 4 is now available.  Will be released to the public in November 2020

.NET Maui – The future of Xamarin Forms and will be part of .NET 6.0 previews available end of 2020.

Blazor has been released!

Visual Studio Live Share now supports Chat and App Sharing

Visual Studio Codespaces – Incredible features! Must have!


Azure Static Web Applications – This is a Big Deal!  For Angular, React and Vue application to deploy in 5 minutes from GitHub.

Azure Kubernetes Service – Now supports WINDOWS SERVER CONTAINERS – This is a Big Deal!

Microsoft is turning to Industry Specific Cloud Solutions and is starting with Healthcare.

Azure Quantum – Limited preview – The FIRST full-stack, open cloud ecosystem to unite Quantum Software.

Microsoft TEAMS is getting so many new features based on the COVID Pandemic but still with all that power, they still don’t know how to solve the Identity problems in Teams. God forbid you have multiple Microsoft accounts for work and personal and want to share identity.  The following blog says it will be coming soon.  Let us pray 😊

Microsoft Lists – Rolling out this summer as a new way to Create, Share and Track your work.  We are going to use that at based on the demo I saw!

AZURE COSMOS DB - Getting more affordable!

Azure SQL Edge - is now available in public preview

Azure Synapse Link – Enables immediate Business Insights and Live Data Analysis with ease.

Azure Cognitive Services – New features available in preview

Azure Machine Learning – New Optimization Techniques now available for ONNX Runtime

Azure IoT Digital Twins – New expanded digital representation capabilities

Azure IoT Central now includes Template Support for Azure Sphere and IoT Edge

Windows IoT is getting some love soon, this article will be available after May 26th

Teams Live Events is out!  This is a must have for gathering up to 10,000 people live.

Yammer – Nah, never mind 😊

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