Google Data Studio Becomes Looker Studio

Google has announced that the popular platform Data Studio is now going to be known as Looker Studio. If you’re looking for information on Looker versus Data Studio, there won’t be much of a difference between the two. This change is because all of Google’s Business Intelligence products, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are now coming under the Looker brand. On its website, Google boasts that “with this complete enterprise business intelligence suite, we will help you go beyond dashboards and infuse your workflows and applications with the intelligence needed to help make data-driven decisions.”

Making Data Accessible

Looker Studio will enable users to access data and generate insights without having to use a technical expert. Google states that Looker Studio “currently supports more than 800 data sources with a catalog surpassing 600 connectors.” At present, users can preview Looker data models to explore what combining analytics from different data sources and vetted and modeled data in Looker will look like.

Looker Studio Pro

Like Data Studio, Looker Studio is a free tool - so there is no difference between Looker and Data Studio in that regard. There is also a Looker Studio Pro version for a fee where subscribers will have access to the standard Looker Studio features, plus they will “receive support and expanded administrative features, including team content management” with two features, Team Workspaces and Google Cloud project linking. 

Team Workspaces

Members of Team Workspaces automatically get access to all Looker Studio content, meaning that team collaboration can take place at scale. There are specific permissions on workspaces so there is still control over what can be accessed, depending on a user’s role. Looker Studio Pro has these roles listed as manager, content manager, and contributor. 

Google Cloud Project Linking

This feature allows work that takes place on Looker Studio Pro to be linked to a Google Cloud project, making it available to the organization, not just individual users. This is perfect, for example, if someone is off sick or leaves the company because these assets will still work. Access to these projects can be set with permissions by administrators.

Looker Integration

Google is looking to integrate Looker into a whole range of Google and partner products. One particular focus is on integration with Google Workspace so that businesses can get as much valuable information as possible from across their organization using products that are already familiar. An integration that is available as a preview now is Looker with Google Sheets, and there are more in the pipeline. is Your Data & Analytics Agency Partner’s team of Google-certified data experts can maximize your Looker Studio account so you can make better data-driven decisions. We’ll help you gain a 360-degree view of your website, including how, where, and when visitors navigate your site, to give you a better understanding of how to run your business efficiently.

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