Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services: The Holy Grail of Business Efficiencies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hardly a novel concept, but incorporating AI-driven solutions into business operations is still an emerging trend that few have mastered. 

For many organizations, AI represents the epitome of business functionality.

This technology allows companies to make faster and more accurate decisions, receive personalized predictions of business outcomes and customer behavior, generate quality leads, save time and money by automating repetitive tasks, minimize human errors, and more. 

Without proper implementation, however, even the most sophisticated technology will fail to deliver results, leaving enterprises stuck behind competitors.

At, we offer comprehensive AI consulting services that help companies leverage this technology to its full potential. Here’s a quick rundown of our process, the best practices we use, as well as some examples of successful projects that we’re particularly proud of:

Our Process

From data ingestion and preparation to deploying models into the client’s applications, devices, and APIs, our team takes care of the entire development process.

To open up new AI opportunities, our data scientists, engineers, and tech consultants first look at a client's data profile. Growing by the minute, this information is often impossible to sift through without expert help. After we collect the data, we prepare it for training by cleaning it, a step that entails removing duplicates, correcting errors, organizing data, and more. We also conduct data visualization using powerful tools such as Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau to help us detect relevant relationships between variables or class imbalances.

Next, we choose a machine learning model, deploying it as an application programming interface (API) to be used in applications and devices.

Throughout this process, we are extremely intentional about teaching the client’s team everything about the technology being implemented, so they are fully equipped to manage it by themselves for years to come.

The Retrain Model

Rather than waste countless hours and resources on training models to react against very similar datasets, we retrain machine learning models to be more inclusive.

The process is simple: transfer learning occurs when machine learning models are being fed knowledge from a different, but related dataset that was acquired during training.

This means we can quickly retrain and optimize an AI model to fit a client’s specific business needs and goals. Our AI retraining solution is designed to handle large datasets using minimal computational power, which automatically leads to significant savings of time and resources.

Evaluating and Deploying Our Solution

After we train a machine learning model, we evaluate it to see how it will respond in production.

Model Evaluation is the process through which we assess the accuracy of a system’s predictions by testing the recently trained model on a new, separate dataset.

Model evaluation performance metrics such as Accuracy, Log loss, Precision, Recall, and Confusion Matrix enable us to determine if the solution is ready to be deployed or needs further development. has built a reputation for seamlessly deploying machine learning models that businesses can start using right away. Our AI solutions empower clients from a wide range of industries, including these exemplary partnerships:

     Integrated Machinery Systems Inc.partnered with to redesign and develop their site. Our AI solutions allow them to showcase the capabilities of their machines on the new platform and we created a powerful, intuitive back-end system.

     Sail America, a trade association for the U.S. sailing industry, asked to develop a new, AI-powered website that combined two platforms into one, unified site.

     Royal Die & Stamping, a manufacturing leader, also needed a new website that uses machine learning to drive profitable business decisions.

Our AI expertise can be applied to any business and industry, including healthcare, automotive, financial services, human resources, retail, telecommunications, and more.

Intelligence On Demand

The AI field is poised to become one of the biggest technological developments in the next couple of years, with more leaders reporting outstanding results since enhancing their offerings with machine learning.

Almost 85% of executives believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage, according to arecent survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review.

To successfully implement an AI solution, a shift in organizational thinking is a necessity. Your entire company needs to be willing to change and find ways to collaborate with machines, as opposed to seeing them as a threat.

The right consultants can mitigate these issues. At, we are extremely intentional about teaching your team everything about the technology being implemented. Our post-deployment user training sessions are meant to minimize users’ initial adoption barriers so they can thrive in this new environment.

Work with us to build custom AI solutions that solve your specific problems and help you unlock lucrative business opportunities. Contact us today and let our data science team and machine learning consulting experts build you a customized AI-driven system that fits your business model.

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