Sitecore Success: Watch!

We recently created a video highlighting our successes and experience using the Sitecore platform. As a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, we are proud to share this video with you.


After watching this video, you will learn several important things about’s experience working with Sitecore, including the following:

  • Whether you start with us brand new to Sitecore, building your very first implementation, or whether you’re already on Sitecore, we can come in at any stage of your development and help you be successful with your next step on your digital road map.
  • Since every Sitecore implementation is very different based on customers’ needs, we need to come up with a very customized training plan for each of our clients.
  • The Sitecore team has achieved Platinum status with Sitecore; only a select handful of companies throughout the world have achieved this. Our team has over 100 certifications in Sitecore in multiple areas, we have 4 MVP’s, 3 technical and one digital strategist. We have also completed over 250 projects on the Sitecore platform itself.
  • understands the importance and complexities of Sitecore hosting. We host over 150 Sitecore websites and offer over 1200 hours of monthly Sitecore support.
  • Recently, Samaritan Health’s web properties won best site design in the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Samaritan Health’s web properties are a great testament to how robust of a platform Sitecore can be for clients, tying in multiple analytical data points, tying in robust functionality such as find a location, and find a doctor. We now can empower businesses to use real time data to personalize experience on the website for each individual user.
  • Our work with BCU, Baxter Credit Union, earned them the 2014 Sitecore Site of the Year award. Some of the highlights of that project included the multiple integration points that we helped them with. We co-developed the project working with BCU’s development team, as well as their marketing and project management team.
  • Komatsu America came to with the distinct challenge of helping cut down their content management efforts. One of the main conversions on the Komatsu America site is simply driving users to the product catalogue looking for product information and eventually driving them through a “request a quote” form. Using Sitecore’s A/B testing tools, their marketers can now test different variations of their product detail page.
  • The great thing about’s Sitecore team is they have more experience than just about anyone in the industry. A lot of our employees have been with us well over ten years and we can take our knowledge from any type of project we do and apply it to the Sitecore projects as well.
As a Sitecore Certified Platinum partner, can handle your project of any size and scope. Reach out to start a discussion about your needs.

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Rachel joined the team four years ago and is based at our London office. Rachel is a Digital Marketer and Content Writer. She works with clients to improve SEO and UX, run email and social campaigns and more. She also writes content for a wide range of clients, including blog posts, landing pages and whitepapers. Rachel has experience working within the web industry on various content management systems. Rachel studied for her BA in English Studies at The University of Nottingham, England. She enjoys drawing and travel.

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