4 Opportunities for B2B Brands to Elevate Their Customer Experience

Generally speaking, when people hear the words “customer experience,” (CX) they think of business to consumer (B2C) organizations. It makes sense – think of all of the good (and bad) experiences you’ve had while eating at a restaurant, shopping at a retail store, or making a phone call to your credit card company or bank. B2C CX is a phenomenon humans have been experiencing for quite some time.

Business to business (B2B) brands, on the other hand, have just recently begun utilizing CX for business gain – and customers fully expect that same high level of personalization and simplicity that B2C CX provides. And while the $9.5 billion industry that’s CX, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets, was first designed for the B2C industry, B2B brands can leverage strategies from their business counterpart in order to deliver experiences that exceed customers’ expectations.

Below, we’ve listed four opportunities for B2B brands to elevate their CX. 

1. Fully Understand Your Customers

As a B2B organization, the customer should be at the center of everything you do. This includes fully understanding your customers’ journeys, identifying each of their touchpoints as well as any sources of friction, removing those sources of friction, and then identifying opportunities to add value. Don’t be afraid to get creative during this process. The more you think outside of the box, the better your chances are of developing value propositions customers simply can’t refuse. 

2. Decide Which Technology Platforms You'll Need

Like any modern organization, B2B companies need to utilize different technology platforms and digital channels to be successful. There are countless platforms available for B2B use for processes such as marketing automation, social media management, commerce, analytics, demand generation, customer relationship management, and much, much more. Figuring out which technology platforms fit with your business goals will be vital to your success. 

3. Implement a Seamless Buyer Experience

According to research from Gartner, sellers’ influence over buyers decreases every year. Now, B2B buyers spend just 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers. This statistic only further emphasizes the importance of a seamless buyer experience. So, once you’ve gained a full understanding of the customers you’re targeting and the technology needed to help achieve goals, it’s time to consolidate and streamline all business processes. In delivering a more convenient buying experience, your business will see increased website traffic, leads, conversion rates, referrals, and more. 

4. Gather Feedback/Understand Business Analytics

It’s important to continuously facilitate customer feedback on processes throughout the entire B2B journey. This guarantees that valuable customers are not encountering unwanted hurdles or roadblocks, and are able to move through the journey seamlessly. It’s also an opportunity to improve processes to give your customers an even better experience.

In addition to gathering – and acting upon – customer feedback, it’s important to leverage your business analytics. By doing so, you’re able to make better, more informed decisions and achieve your goals. Analytics also helps organizations to identify strengths, reduce risks, and improve operational efficiency.  


Elevating your organization’s CX is easier than you think. By understanding your customers, technology needs, buyer experience, and business analytics, you’ll be able to design a B2B CX strategy that not only meets your customers’ expectations, but exceeds it.

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