Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Ecommerce

Although the move away from brick-and-mortar stores toward online shopping is in full swing, the demand for a personalized experience and premium customer service has only increased.

When you don’t have the benefit of in-person experiences and human connection to make your customers feel appreciated, artificial intelligence (AI) holds the answer.

Find out how AI can help you learn about your customers, and provide them with an exceptional customer experience online. 

What is Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce?

There are several different components to the concept of “artificial intelligence”:

  • If a machine uses AI, it is able to “learn” from data; this is called “machine learning.”
  • The process of gathering the information needed is called “data mining.”
  • In order to understand language and communicate, an AI system will have “natural language processing” abilities.
  • Making sense of and applying all the data gathered as above is known as “data science.” 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

Artificial intelligence enables you to do better for your customers. You can send them marketing that is more targeted to their interests, provide a more personalized user experience on your website, and offer round-the-clock customer service using chatbots. This leads to increased sales and improved customer retention. 

These benefits of artificial intelligence in ecommerce apply to B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) organizations. The B2B sector tends to be slower to adopt new technologies, so by considering AI in B2B ecommerce now, you have the chance to get ahead of or keep up with your competitors.  

Schedule a consultation with our AI consulting team to find out how AI can advance your B2C or B2B ecommerce business. 

How to Use AI in Ecommerce

So, how can you use AI for the success of your ecommerce store? The following are some of the most popular and effective ways to make use of this future-focused technology.

Personalization: It’s long been key to an exceptional user experience, but AI takes your ability to offer users personalized experiences, to a new level. Consider using AI to offer personalized product recommendations or for pricing optimizations to drive sales. AI can even help you improve your customer segmentation process for personalized marketing success. Take a look at our article on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A Guide for Personalization to learn more.

Enhanced customer service: All the above personalization leads to happy customers and increased sales, but you can go even further with AI-based customer service tools. Chatbots are a fantastic example of this and are becoming increasingly commonplace on ecommerce sites and across industries. Answer their questions and your customers can feel confident about their purchase.

Smart logistics: AI can make a measurable difference in terms of logistics processes, from improving your sales and demand forecasting to predicting delays in transit. AI technology uses data to improve your shipping processes, keep products in stock, avoid over-ordering and keep your customers happy. 

Identify the AI Technology That's Best for You

Whether you’re a corporate giant or small ecommerce store, AI can revolutionize how you do business. Consider how artificial intelligence fits into your overall strategy and use it to make a real difference where it matters most. Starting small can be surprisingly impactful when you identify the best opportunities for your organization.

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