5G is Speeding Up IoT

Is A-B-C as easy as 1-2-3? Well, 5G is making it easier for IoT.

5G is Fifth Generation Wireless

The fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) delivers higher multi-gigabyte-per-second data speeds, low latency, increased reliability, and greatly improved overall capacity for more users. With 5G, devices and systems are cutting the chord without sacrificing performance. Machines, tools, and resources which were once dependent upon an ethernet cable connection are no longer tied down to that. Wireless connections are working better than ever.

The impact of 5G is being seen in every industry. Transportation is safer. Remote healthcare is more reliable and effective. Agriculture is more precise and productive. In addition to 5G’s adoption into industry, it is also advancing the connection of a massive number of embedded sensors in virtually everything, everywhere – known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is the Internet of Things

IoT allows the world around us to be smarter and more responsive. By connecting billions of things to the internet, IoT is merging our physical surroundings with the digital world.

Some common examples of IoT are being used in homes today. Via smart home apps, homeowners are now able to remotely turn lights on or off, shut garage doors left open, adjust thermostat settings, feed pets, and so much more. These functions are dependent upon household things being connected to the internet via microchips and sensors, collecting and transmitting data.

Many businesses are now able to access exponentially more data related to their products while they are in use, as well as their systems while they are in process. With this real-time data, products are being improved at an unparalleled pace. Systems are recognizing and responsively fixing their inefficiencies.

Security remains the top concern relating to IoT. Business attention to securing sensitive data is essential to maintaining customer trust. Recent hacks of smart home systems have led to highly-publicized setbacks to IoT, as well as major brands.

The number of connected devices continues to grow significantly. The best examples have positive impacts on human experience. Smart things can be valuable assets to day-to-day life. Thanks to IoT, your commute may have been quicker and safer this morning. You might get an alert that an elderly family member has not taken their medication. 5G wireless advancements are certainly escalating the pace and possibilities for IoT.

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