How Infographics Can Benefit Your Business

Infographics are a great way to display statistics in a more pleasing manner than just listing them in a long paragraph. SEOTribunal states that infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than other content types. They also provide many advantages to businesses.

3 Reasons You Should Use Infographics Within Your Business

1. Visually Appealing

Infographics make understanding the given information easier and less overwhelming. Information is easier to understand when it is broken up with small, engaging graphics. This allows for both the visual and the textual recall.

2. Brand Recognition

People are more likely to remember images when compared with text-heavy content. Images are always better for brand and information recall and recognition. You are helping ensure that the viewer understands and remembers the content as well as remembers your brand when they are in need of services.

3. Engagement

Infographics often help with increasing customer engagement. People are more likely to be intrigued and read through the whole infographic and end with a comment, like, or share. Infographics may also help drive the user to your main page because the users were able to quickly see the information. As a result, they now become more interested in the topics present and will want more information. You can also include a lot of backlinks within an infographic that will drive traffic to your site.

Now that we have discussed the reasons to create an infographic, we can dive into a few tips to consider when you begin the design process. 

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Infographic

1. Start with a goal

It is important to know the goal of your infographic so you know the direction to go when it comes to designing. Start with defining who is your target audience and how can you best cater this graphic to them. Discuss what information you want to be the main focus and what you want the overall outcome of reading this infographic to be. Next, begin to discuss where it will be posted once all design work is complete. This is important because you want to ensure that if it is going on a certain social media account that it is optimized to fit the size that is posted on that platform.

2. Keep it simple

Infographics are meant to be quick to read and digest. Avoid adding too much information and making the graphic very cluttered – it is okay to have white space. It is important to attempt to not use to multiple different typefaces. Stick with one or two and, if needed, show the hierarchy with different styles within that font family. Be sure to watch the amount of text you are including in the graphic. Infographics are supposed to be a quick read and not have a large amount of text. Save the long text information for blog post content. Simple is better and will result in better information retention. 

3. Have a set color scheme

Having an overall color scheme will help all of your information have a more cohesive design feel. There are a lot of different statistics that will be discussed in an infographic. An overall color scheme will help keep all the different statistics still under a similar umbrella. A set color scheme also looks very appealing as all the colors complement each other. 

4. Design variation

When designing, try to vary the way you are displaying the information. An infographic needs to be visually appealing so try to vary the way you convey different types of information. For instance, to say 10% differently you can display it as 1/10 or a group of 10 people figures and 1 shaded a different color from the rest.

5. Do your own research

A great way to show your expertise in a given topic is to gain statistics yourself from surveys you have personally conducted. Primary research is always seen as very reliable and reputable. 

Infographics are a great way to get information to your clients in a simple, well thought-out, and effectively designed way. Not everyone enjoys lengthy reading and may prefer a more visual approach and infographics are a great way to cater your information to that group of people. They do not have to be boring – show your company’s personality through the design. Infographics are a great change from the basic text-heavy statistical research. is a one-stop-shop for all of your design needs. Through the use of wireframing, conceptual visual design, branding, and design system management, we product designed that are appealing, informational, and effective. Contact us today to get started

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