Are you Prepared for the Salesforce Lightning Storm?

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is the latest user interface for the Salesforce platform and it can bring increased efficiency, productivity, and intelligence to your sales and service teams. Lightning began to replace what is now known as the “Salesforce Classic” interface on October 17th, 2015 (the Winter ’16 Release).

So what is this Lightning Storm? First, for Salesforce, Lightning represents a powerful new interface between the end user and their cloud.   In nature, lightning is the sudden equalization of two oppositely charged regions, like a thundercloud and the Earth. This lightning storm will be an automatic activation of the Lightning Experience for many users starting October 12, 2019 (the Winter ’20 Release).  Oh no!

It’s okay if you’ve remained on Classic, especially if you’ve encountered business-critical features or functionality that was not yet released for Lightning. However, in the last four years, over a hundred new features have been released exclusively on Lightning. This is where our natural lightning analogy starts to apply… we feel the charge in the air, hair standing on end, a metallic taste, the smell of ozone… the equalization of the charges is imminent!

Or is it?

We are approaching a tipping point, but it’s not an all-or-nothing switch to Lightning. The switch to Lightning really just represents changing your default environment that you experience Salesforce in, but Classic is not going completely away (yet). In fact, Salesforce users will be able to freely switch back and forth to Classic as needed (some things are still Classic-only). And in Lightning, you’ll get access to those hundred-plus features, Einstein (AI), faster interface, mobile-first design, and so much more as all future development happens only in Lightning.

Now, just because Carl says, “I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down for a while” doesn’t mean that you should play through. You still may have 3rd Party Apps that are not Lightning ready, custom code that isn’t compatible or needs enhancement, old reports and dashboards that look, well, old and stale, and most importantly, users who need the training, guidance, and support of’s Salesforce Certified professionals to maximize your investment in Salesforce.

Let us show you how we can guide you through the storm and help ensure that your transition to Lightning is a success. Contact today for all of your Salesforce needs!

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