Online Game Creation: A Winning Marketing Technique!

When award winning author Stephen King approached us with an interesting project, we were thrilled to work with the legendary author and his team to create an exceptional online experience for his fans.

Stephen King’s team asked us to help modernize an existing game to promote King’s upcoming movie “The Dark Tower”. The quiz-style game called Discordia was designed to let fans of the series test their knowledge.

An unusual marketing tactic? Maybe, but one with huge potential to build excitement and engagement.

Why Choose to Build an Online Game?

If you’re considering building an online game or have just come across this idea, there are many potential benefits to consider. Read on to find out why we think online games have huge potential.

1.    Building a Community

Game play can create a sense of community. Fans can connect through the web or even get together to play the game socially, depending on the game design.

Creating a game can create a sense of fun around the product or service you’re looking to promote. Game play can also increase hype for an upcoming book or movie release, or another event. If fans can share game play experiences, it creates conversation. Once a fan gets into a game that was developed by your organization, they’re likely to encourage their friends to play.  

2.    Shareable Content

An online game can create shareable content. Users who reach high scores might be tempted to share their results on one of their social media pages, engaging others with a link back to the game site. This can work to attract potential new fans as well as excite existing fans.

3.    Stay Ahead of the Competition

Creating an online game is a different marketing technique not every company should or will embrace. Choosing to create an online game can help your brand stay ahead of the competition.

Even among the movie industry, the creation of online games is uncommon. This puts “The Dark Tower” in a unique position.

4.    Entertain Your Users on the Go!

The vast majority of people own a mobile phone and are constantly looking to it for entertainment while on the go. If you do choose to create an online game, make sure your users can play on their mobile devices.

Is An Online Game Right for My Brand?

If you’re thinking of building a game to market your brand, there are a few things to consider before you go ahead:

-    The age of your target audience and their interests.
-    Is a game is ‘on brand’ for your business.
-    Is your product or service new or seasonal?

If you’re targeting a younger audience that is likely to be drawn to online entertainment, have a product or service with a fan base or fun element to it, or are looking to promote something new, a game could be a great marketing idea for you.


Utilizing a game as a marketing technique is an innovative way to engage fans. Game play can attract a new customer base, re-engage old fans and increase excitement surrounding your brand. It can build an improved sense of community among players of the game and it can help your company stand out!

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