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With one of only 16 Coveo MVPs in the world, understands Coveo's features and have a proven record of driving success with machine learning capabilities. also participates on Coveo’s Partner Advisory Board and has spoken at Coveo Impact numerous times.

A vital feature of the online user experience is the search engine provider. Visitors who use onsite search are more likely to convert, therefore, it is imperative to implement your site search correctly, utilizing best practices. Our experienced team of developers has the expertise to seamlessly implement the Coveo relevance platform for your ecommerce, service, and workplace needs.

Our implementations experts actively analyze ways to make your applications and software work better together. Whether you’re implementing Coveo for the first time or you have an existing Coveo implementation, is committed to your success. By leveraging our depth of capabilities and expertise, we help our clients innovate, improve customer relationships, maximize operations for efficiency and, ultimately - sell more.


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As a trusted partner within the Coveo ecosystem, we have the expertise to successfully deliver any Coveo implementation and make the most value for your company with Coveo’s AI-powered business solutions. Our development team has implemented Coveo solutions for many well-known brands. A robust and intuitive onsite search solution, such as Coveo, is key to online success and our team considers this throughout the entire project. Coveo can be used on any Digital Experience Platform such as Sitecore, Kentico, Sitefinity and more!

During the onsite search implementation project, our first-class development team conducts a discovery phase to identify specific criteria for onsite search. The team finds out the most effective implementation method to meet the site search needs of that specific customer. Our goal is to implement Coveo to enhance your site’s usability and drive the user to what they are seeking on any website.

Our Coveo experts deliver knowledge in platform mastery, deployment expertise, content creation, thought leadership, product input, and creative positioning. These experts continue to successfully manage Coveo projects for clients in many different industries.

Connecting Powerful Third-Party Solutions allows Coveo users to harness the power of search, data, and AI through the implementation of Coveo for Sitecore and Coveo for Salesforce. By integrating with these systems, users are truly given a seamless, 360-degree view of the customer. As an official partner of both Sitecore and Salesforce, is able to leverage our years of implementation experience with these systems, to connect seamlessly with the Coveo platform to deliver personalized search-to-conversion experiences.

Coveo for Salesforce
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
Coveo for Sitecore
  • Website Search Implementation

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"The Knowledge and Publication Workgroup was receiving multiple calls, emails and IMs per day from Customer Care reps with questions from customers about whether we sold something. After the Coveo implementation and custom search page designs completed by, those questions and requests dropped nearly to zero."

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