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Foley Family Wines Salesforce Web Design Case Study

New Customer Experience Ecosystem Transforms Foley Family Wines’ Ecommerce Solutions & Digital Capabilities

Founded by Bill Foley in 1996, Foley Family Wines is a portfolio of highly acclaimed wines from vineyards around the world. It owns more than two dozen wineries, each with its own distinct wine style, legacy, and approach to hospitality. Additionally, the Foley Food & Wine Society offers members a luxury lifestyle community that celebrates culinary experiences, entertainment, and travel in the United States, New Zealand, France, and Argentina. 


As the Foley Family Wines portfolio grew domestically and internationally, it began to outpace the standard, off-the-shelf digital solutions used by most of the wine industry. Consequently, it was looking for a more flexible, versatile solution that would utilize best-in-class technologies to provide an unmatched guest experience, physically and virtually, with its brands. Foley Family Wines needed a total digital transformation to deliver a completely new ecommerce experience, complimented by new websites for the Foley Food and Wine Society website and 20+ branded websites. Further, the solution had to replace operational and backend technology, including point-of-sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and email and marketing tools.



  • Ecommerce
  • Food & Beverage


  • Digital Marketing
  • Experience Design
  • Strategy & Insights
  • Web & Application Development
Foley Family Wines Web Design and Development on Salesforce


Because of its robust experience as a website agency, was selected by Foley Family Wines to build and implement its new, future-focused solution. Phase 1 of the project included discovery research, consulting, and planning to holistically understand Foley Family Wines’ goals and objectives and what it hoped to accomplish with the digital transformation. As a Salesforce consulting partner, determined that an ecosystem made of various Salesforce products would best enable Foley Family Wines to achieve its goals. It was also determined that an array of other third-party solutions would be integrated to further enable success.  

Phased 2 consisted of the implementation of the digital ecosystem to empower a personalized journey for each Foley Family Wines’ customer. The following Salesforce software solutions were included: Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud B2C, Marketing Cloud, Order Management, and Mulesoft. Beyond the Salesforce suite, the ecosystem integrates with other category leaders for subscription management, loyalty programs, and a mobile-centric POS provider. Together, the digital presence now provides the following capability highlights:

  • Curated product recommendations – when browsing online, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is powering curated, personalized wine recommendations based on purchase and tasting history.
  • Loyalty program – earning and redeeming points with the Foley Family Food & Wine Society is more accessible with universal visibility and ease of access to enroll new users and apply points across all platforms and order types.
  • Customization capability – specially-designed ecommerce and wine club platforms allow members to customize scheduled shipments with flexibility between wine brands.
  • Mobility – winery guest experience hosts can operate exclusively through mobile devices. Handheld POS and payment devices provide fast, frictionless checkout experiences.
  • Customer data – rich customer data provides a true 360-degree view of the consumer, allowing users to share in-depth notes and history to create transformational, personalized guest experiences and memorable interactions online.
  • Streamlined access – through the implementation of single sign-on technology, the new tools are easy to access, making it simpler to serve customers throughout each channel.

As a long-time WordPress development agency, determined that WordPress VIP would provide Foley Family Wines with the cohesive content editing experience it needed to quickly and easily update pages across its entire portfolio. Now, each site within the portfolio has its own distinct look and feel, but also retains elements of consistency and kinship to be cohesive with the overarching Foley Family Wines branding.

Additionally, Foley Family Wines needed a store locator tool that was more performant than its previous tool, which was unsophisticated and pulled from a very large data set. built a React-based locator that minimizes the impact of the large data set and serves up Foley Family Wines’ various locations in a much more efficient way. also utilized the WordPress REST API to provide content, such as recipes for wine pairings and news articles, to be ingested using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud store, further enhancing the ecommerce experience. Lastly, worked with Commerce Cloud to create a shared header between the content sites and the ecommerce store so that users who are logged in can see they are logged in, check their carts, and manage their accounts.

Foley Family Wines’ new digital ecosystem was piloted with the Ferrari-Carano brand out of Sonoma, California. The ecosystem was then rolled out to the remainder of the company’s portfolio over the next several months. Overall, the project is viewed as a gleaming success from both the customer perspective and the website development company’s perspective. The new digital ecosystem allows Foley Family Wines to provide its customers with a fully-connected, omnichannel experience, no matter if they’re interacting with the brand physically or virtually. It also enables Foley Family Wines to take its business to the next level and acts as a catalyst for it to expand and continue to provide its customers with unforgettable digital experiences. 

Information Technology's role has evolved to be a partner in enabling new capabilities to achieve business goals. This digital transformation project exemplifies the business and technology teams working together to transform how we engage with our customers. Using these modern solutions and integrating them enabled new capabilities for an omnichannel experience for our customers while providing our team members with a 360-degree view of the customer.
Foley Family Wines

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