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Des Plaines Hosting & Security has been providing reliable hosting and security services for over 25 years. Our quality, secure, and PCI-compliant hosting services are developed and monitored through our in-house data center. With proven results, our hosting services, which include cloud hosting, virtual hosted servers, and more, are custom-tailored to each site.

We are committed to providing secure and reliable hosting that's monitored 24/7/365 by experienced data center team members. Our team is equipped to anticipate all of your site’s needs, from speed, traffic, and hardware space to general performance.

Our dedicated host servers make every effort to ensure your website performs at all times, even during a high traffic spike or a cyber-attack, we provide immediate attention if any issues arise. With hosting expertise spanning over two decades, our experience also extends to defending against web application/DDoS attacks. has hosted websites during high-profile events like the Big Game and we use PCI requirements as an underlying framework for securing all customer websites. We also have experience in securing high-profile federal government sites (FISMA compliance).

With our highly trusted hosting service, our customers are able to feel safe and secure knowing that has the necessary expertise to meet every security need. 

Hosting and Security Services

Hosting & Security Services

Performance & Load Testing

Our performance and load testing services simulate real-life traffic spikes before they occur to ensure your website and applications can handle what’s coming. We’ll also build you a traffic management strategy so you can mitigate outages and maintain stability during peak periods. 

DevOps/Automated Deployments

We have extensive experience in integrations and cloud technologies which means our DevOps and automation deployment processes launch projects more quickly and reliably.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Our CDN, WAF, DDOS, and bot protection systems constantly monitor for suspicious and malicious activity to catch any potential online intruders. 

Managed Hosting

Our data team works 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to ensure your website is always on. With two in-house data centers, our dedicated servers and managed server hosting services are secure, Level 1 PCI-compliant, and built with multiple redundancies to make sure your network is able and stable. 

Cloud Hosting Management & Support

We are cloud hosting providers that work alongside clients to architect, design, and implement cloud-based solutions to transform their businesses into sophisticated workplaces. Whether you’re looking for a cloud VPS or a virtual hosted server, we offer secure hosting for your website. 

Disaster Recovery

Our server technicians and IT administrators will help you build a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure your systems stay up and running, no matter what. 

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