Announces New Partnership with Buy with Prime, a leading full-service global digital agency, is thrilled to announce that it is now an approved Buy with Prime Partner. As a Buy with Prime Partner, can help direct-to-consumer (DTC) merchants onboard Buy with Prime, a new way to simplify fulfillment, sell directly to Amazon Prime members, and grow their DTC businesses.

Buy with Prime empowers US-based merchants to grow their DTC online store by providing shoppers with fast, free shipping, transparent delivery times, and a seamless checkout experience.

With Buy with Prime, merchants receive order information, including email addresses for customer orders which they can then use to provide exceptional customer service and build direct relationships. For merchants already using Fulfillment by Amazon, Buy with Prime can easily be added to their online store because their inventory is already stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. Merchants can get started by linking Buy with Prime to their Seller Central account and their Amazon Pay account. Merchants can then import their existing Amazon product catalog information and use Amazon’s fulfillment services to start fulfilling orders from multiple sales channels with one pool of inventory.

Using Amazon Pay, merchants provide a seamless Buy with Prime checkout experience offering Amazon Prime members a fast, familiar way to pay using the shipping and payment information from their Amazon account. After installing the Buy with Prime button code in their online store, merchants can easily add Buy with Prime to one or more products.’s extensive DTC ecommerce experience, including strategic and technical know-how, is buoyed by the addition of Buy with Prime. Its ecommerce team can help integrate Buy with Prime directly into merchants’ online stores.

“We work with merchants who sell everything from memorabilia, lawn and garden supplies and much more on their DTC sites, and we're excited to help these merchants leverage Buy with Prime's fast checkout experience and delivery to convert shoppers on their sites,” said Tim Ahlenius,’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. is thrilled to add Buy with Prime integration expertise to the variety of services it provides clients including provides best-in-class web design, development, hosting, post-launch support, and digital marketing services.

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