Announces Strategic Partnership with AD is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AD, the largest marketing and buying group in North America, whose members are independent distributors in the construction and industrial industries. This partnership will help accelerate AD member distributors into the B2B Commerce digital space through world-class digital services provided by

To support this partnership, will provide user experience-focused digital and web design, development, and implementation services to deliver greater value on business outcomes for AD members. has a proven track record of B2B success with clients around the world and these services will help members build connections from the AD member PIM on Enterworks to their ecommerce platform. The digital agency is well-positioned to work with AD members to provide implementation support from simple platform implementations to complete redesigns.

Caroline Ernst, VP of eCommerce Solutions, said, “Recommended by AD members, we are very pleased to have formed this partnership with, which is positioning to help AD members every step of the way. Their certified implementation team will focus on helping members connect AD eContent with ROC Commerce, BigCommerce, Optimizely, Magento and Shopify.”  

AD is passionate about bringing growth-oriented independent distributors and best-in-class supplier partners together with the purpose to outperform the market and to stay ahead of the competition.

Michael Svanascini, President, said, “At, we seek to partner with organizations that have the same dedication and solution-oriented approach that we do. Our experience helping clients with their B2B needs will help us deliver best-in-class solutions for our mutual clients with AD as a strategic asset.” partners with the best industry-leading technologies to deliver transformative digital solutions. 

For more information about the and AD partnership, read the full press release here