Joins MemberWise as an Official Recognised Supplier is proud to announce that we have joined MemberWise, an independent network of association industry professionals from the UK and abroad. As a recognised supplier, we join a directory of more than 160 providers offering key services that help associations grow.  

MemberWise launched in 2008 in the UK with a mission to provide insights for membership and association professionals that were trying to improve member retention, increase member acquisition, and optimize member engagement to enable sustainable, long-term growth. This valuable advice is shared on an ongoing basis through publications, online communities, conferences, events, seminars, and other avenues. Moreover, being a part of MemberWise opens members up to networking opportunities with 6,500+ like-minded professionals. has extensive experience in the association space. Over our 25+ year history, we have developed digital solutions for over 100 member-based organisations, including the Building Industry Consulting Service International, APEGA, and the Joint Commission. With an office in the UK and additional offices in Switzerland and Bulgaria, has expanded its European presence and welcomes the opportunity to join UK-based organisations like MemberWise.

In addition to being a recongnised supplier, we plan to attend MemberWise events and share resources with association professionals looking to enhance their digital presence.

*As of January 1, 2021 is no longer an active member of MemberWise.