Why Working with a Digital Agency is Better for Business

There are approximately 27,000 web design and digital service agencies in the US, according to market research firm IBISWorld. That number significantly increases when accounting for those located across the globe. With the sheer number of options, combined with efficient remote workforces which enable partnerships all around the world, choosing the right agency to support your business can be an extremely difficult decision.

Americaneagle.com, a full-service digital agency, is here to help.

This article not only shares the reasons why working with a digital agency is better for business but also the process behind choosing the right one. 

What is a Digital Agency?

Let’s begin with the basics. What exactly is a digital agency? A digital agency delivers technology and creative-based solutions to clients through website design and development, app development, hosting and security, experience design, digital marketing, strategy, consulting, and more. They play a lot of roles and are vital to the success of online businesses. Agencies focus on three major areas for clients: learning all facets of the business, mastering the online presence of said business, and boosting return on investment.

Benefits of Working with a Digital Agency

Working with an experienced agency brings your business a slew of advantages when compared with those that don’t. Digital success takes time, resources, and a comprehensive strategy designed to fit your business’s unique needs. 

Leverage a Team of Experts

When working with a digital agency, you’re working with comprehensive teams of highly-skilled professionals. When it comes to full-service agencies, you will find dedicated developers, programmers, strategists, digital marketers, content writers, graphic designers, and more, all there to help their customers succeed. 

Stay in Tune with the Latest Technology and Trends

Technology is constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep pace with the latest and greatest. This is exactly what your digital agency is for. It’s their job to understand – and implement – appropriate new technologies that are going to best support your business. 

Obtain New Perspectives

An outside agency may be able to see things about your business or specific projects that internal members may not. They bring a new perspective on how to approach the situation and can then provide guidance on the best route forward. 

Cost and Time Efficiency

Successful websites require expertise in a wide range of areas which means bringing on an in-house full-service digital agency may become extremely costly and time-consuming. From finding quality talent to the necessary onboarding and training, and actual project time, it’s no easy feat. Working with an outside agency allows you to focus on your business. And while it may seem quite expensive at first, it actually saves you money and time in the long run. 

The Cost of Not Working with a Digital Agency

To be successful in this digital-first world, businesses must also be digital-first. Not having a full-service digital agency in your corner can be harmful to your business – the behind-the-scenes of any website can be exceptionally complex. How do you know when and which components of your website need to be re-structured, re-built, re-platformed, etc.? The fact of the matter is that, unless you’re highly trained in web design and development, you more than likely will not know how to determine these kinds of decisions.

Inaction with a broken website or complacency with a subpar one is a step backward and will almost always result in getting left behind the competition. Ultimately, and perhaps most importantly, digital inefficiencies result in lost conversions and revenue. 

Choosing the Right Agency Partner 

Businesses are depending more and more on their digital solutions to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue. Identifying a capable and productive digital partner is extremely important. Make sure your decision is an informed one. 

Questions to Ask During Your Agency-Selection Process 

As a leading digital solutions provider that has been teaming with businesses to build and strengthen their online brand since the very early years of the Internet, we’ve seen many recovery missions. In those, we have helped new clients recover from unsuccessful agency relationships. They have often shared sentiments such as, “I wish I would have known what questions to ask up front.”

We hope this list of 15 SAQs (should-ask questions) is timely for you. As your business considers agency partners for upcoming digital projects, we suggest that these questions be included in your vetting process.

  1. How many websites have you built?


  2. Do you have any case studies or client referrals relevant to my industry that you can provide us?


  3. What content management systems (CMSs) or Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) do you develop solutions within?


  4. What ecommerce platforms do you utilize?


  5. Do you utilize development templates or build custom designs and features?


  6. Who will be working on my website and digital solutions?


  7. Are your team members direct employees or third-party contractors?   


  8. Can you walk me through your development process?


  9. How will your team get to know my business?


  10. What is your experience with third-party integrations specific to my business?
    (Examples: customer relationship management platforms, enterprise resource planners, product information managers, digital asset managers, email campaign managers)


  11. Do you have per-project or hourly minimums? 


  12. Do you offer post-launch services once my website is built?


  13. Will you be hosting my website?


  14. Who owns my website?


  15. What are your areas of expertise beyond website development? 

Now What? 

This article should provide you with excellent information to narrow your search for qualified website or application development partners. Following this, your project scope should be refined with a select group of potential solutions providers. The project scope will inform pricing quotes. It should be a red flag if any agency quotes you a price without respectfully getting to know your business and digital needs.


Americaneagle.com welcomes the opportunity to be considered by your business to pursue excellence within your digital solutions. We have partnered with a wide range of business sizes within an extensive list of industries to maximize consistent digital growth and success. From web and application development to experience design, data insights, strategy, digital marketing, hosting, security, and more, we can help your business succeed. Contact us today to get started.

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