Low-Code No-Code Development Unpacked

Low-code no-code development platforms allow enterprise and citizen developers to drag and drop application components and connect them together to create mobile or web apps. Both low-code and no-code editing on major platforms are a step toward giving more users the ability to edit content without needing in-depth knowledge of coding.

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What is Low-Code No-Code Development?

In short, low-code and no-code development is a method to build applications more quickly without needing in-depth coding knowledge. These editing features allow all users to include the solutions they need on their platforms without needing to work with minimal to no lines of code.

These tools are essential for organizations that experience a lot of change in a quick time frame, and business users need to be able to make system edits independently. When a company’s IT team is swamped with other work, it can be beneficial for companies to give their other employees the tools they need to make changes without an IT team.

What is the Difference Between Low-Code and No-Code?

While the terms are often used interchangeably (as you’ll see in this article), there are specific distinctions to point out. Low-code platforms are mainly utilized by IT professionals with coding knowledge to build custom, complex applications. These solutions utilize visual development environments and automated connections to various backend systems, databases, APIs, and more for those with some coding experience to leverage. Developers who need to quickly spin up a mobile or web app also leverage low-code platforms.

No-code platforms enable a business’s internal members to create apps without any need for coding. Serving the frontend of a solution, no-code implementations are typically more simple than low-code and users benefit from drag-and-drop capabilities.

Benefits of Low-Code No-Code Editing Platforms

Low Code/No Code editing platforms have multiple benefits to them, one being the ability to speed up the process of developing and delivering applications. This is critical in the current age of technology where worker and customer demands must be met as quickly as possible. These platforms also allow non-IT professionals to problem-solve on different aspects of the platforms. At the same time, this frees up time for developers from mundane programming activities, giving them more time to develop custom applications or address other issues in need of their expertise.

Challenges of Low-Code No-Code Platforms

Even though many organizations use these platforms to develop business apps quickly, it’s important to note the challenges that may come. First, since these platforms are easy to use and low cost, leaders run the risk of losing track of what employees are building, making it difficult to keep an eye on the data being created. Another potential challenge is the ability to manage and scale the apps being created. You may also find that some of the tasks professional development teams have used aren’t suited for low-code and no-code platforms, resulting in a waste of resources.

Low-Code No-Code Examples

There are a number of low-code no-code platforms out there. Examples of low-code no-code platforms include Drupal, Kentico, Liferay, Sitefinity, and WordPress. 


Americaneagle.com is a trusted Drupal development company and platform partner. Drupal has over three decades of experience helping companies transform their businesses and achieve measurable results. The low-code no-code content editing capabilities allow their users to make the necessary changes to their content without worrying about relying on an IT team or someone else to make small changes for them.


Americaneagle.com is a recognized Kentico Gold Partner, Quality Expert, and Hosting Partner. The Kentico platform has earned a trusted reputation for making it easy for brands to improve customer experiences with a low-code/no-code approach to capable and flexible website development.


The Liferay platform is built to support the entire lifecycle of a customer and assists in addressing your most complex business challenges. Liferay has low-code no-code content editing capabilities that empower all users to change aspects of their content without worrying about coding.

Progress Sitefinity

Americaneagle.com is a Progress Titanium partner with extensive experience creating solutions on the Progress Sitefinity platform. Sitefinity has been a major platform that has implemented low-code no-code tools for users to expand their automation and integration capabilities.


WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source CMS. It is known to have an accessible and user-friendly platform that is also incredibly strong for all types of businesses and companies. WordPress’s low-code no-code content editing tool called the WordPress Gutenberg Editor gives every user the opportunity and ability to take control of their content. This editing tool is a game changer for enterprise content, especially block editing software, which gives any team member the chance to edit and change content and design without needing the knowledge of coding. While the editing tool is pretty self-sufficient, partnering with a WordPress website design company can help users take full advantage of it.

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