Simple Ways to Create a Personalized Online Store with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

When you break free from the limitations of maintaining a physical store, you open up to new levels of efficiency, customer loyalty, and profitability.

Building an online store from scratch, however, can be a daunting endeavor for a lot of business owners. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can stop putting your plans on hold and make a smooth, successful entrance into the fascinating world of ecommerce.

Read on to learn how this platform can help you create a B2C or B2B online store that delivers personalized shopping journeys across all commerce channels from web to mobile, to social, and more.

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What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

As the name says, this is a cloud-based commerce platform that allows businesses of all types and sizes to sell more and build a loyal following by unifying the customer experience across all channels, from web to social, mobile, and more.

Why is it Important to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Mobile Shopping?

Having an online storefront for selling your product is a great start; optimizing your site for mobile is what will ultimately tip the scales in your favor.

According to a recent Airship survey of more than 9,000 customers in six different countries including the US, UK, France, and Germany, roughly two-thirds of shoppers are making mobile purchases or using their mobile devices in-store for things like scanning a QR code, accessing the seller’s app, or going on their website.

This is exactly where the Salesforce technology, Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), comes in.

What is Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA)?

SFRA is part of the Salesforce product portfolio and offers the foundation for creating a stellar direct-to-consumer online presence, particularly on mobile devices. This framework brings together the best in site design, merchandising, and technical architecture to allow brands to stand out faster and reduce storefront total cost of ownership. Some of the brands that have already adopted SFRA include Puma, Kind, Spalding, and Michelin.

How Can Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) Help You Create a Personalized Online Store?    

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Storefront Reference Architecture technology provides several opportunities for you to create a unique and personalized online store for your brand.

Offer Mobile-First Shopping Experiences from the Get-Go

SFRA is backed by a data-driven design analysis of more than 2,000 mobile storefronts which uncovered the best UX approaches and customer-facing practices.

This means you will be able to take advantage of mobile-first features such as sticky search bars, streamlined mobile checkout flows, touch-friendly icons, and more.

With mobile accounting for more than 60% of shopping visits, SFRA ensures improved conversion rates.

For instance, with this framework, you can add a sticky add-to-cart button that remains visible to users as they scroll, for convenient conversions. You can also leverage a single-page accordion-style checkout featuring collapsible summaries to make the checkout flow as distraction-free as possible.

Choose from Prebuilt Ecommerce Storefront Designs and Enjoy Innovating

Thanks to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA), you get access to over 200 prebuilt, mobile-first wireframes which you can easily customize and start selling faster.

Take your pick from a full library of core site capabilities that follow industry best practices and scroll through hundreds of out-of-the-box features including homepage, product detail pages, cart, checkout, and more.

The best part? You will own your storefront and the underlying code base, so you can

develop functionality on top of it and seemingly integrate with third-party providers, and quickly adopt technologies such as wish list, Apple Pay, and payment integrations.

Tap into the Power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As part of Commerce Cloud, Storefront Reference Architecture enables you to benefit from the latest digital innovations that the platform has to offer such as launch campaigns, promotions, and even AI-powered personalization, which provides a significant upper hand over competitors.

“52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications to them,” reads a Salesforce research report.

Artificial intelligence can provide users with a customized shopping experience based on different data such as recent purchases, cart content, preferences, and more.

From personalized product recommendations and deals to hyper-relevant marketing campaigns, your users won’t help but continue coming back to your store.

Leverage Expert Salesforce Consulting Services

Setting up and running an ecommerce store comes with various challenges, but not having an online presence is far more expensive. Why pass on round-the-clock sales, increased brand awareness, and greater customer reach and satisfaction when you could turn to professional help?

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, boasts a passionate team that can walk you through the ins and outs of creating a personalized online store using everything that Salesforce Commerce Cloud has to offer. More than a web development company, we provide everything from cloud web hosting services to digital marketing services, and much more.

Get started today! Contact us for more information. 

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