Liferay Portal Development: Why You Should Build Your Next Portal on Liferay

Liferay is a digital experience software company that enables the creation of customized portals, websites, intranets, and ecommerce experiences that are tailored to your business needs and the needs of your customers. It’s a B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), and B2E (business-to-employee) solution. Their tagline is “one platform, endless solutions” and with the variety of portals available for development, Liferay is a platform that offers a lot all in one place.

The Liferay platform is open-source, which makes it more reliable, innovative, and secure. With a Liferay development team by your side, it is scalable and customizable to meet all your needs today, and in the future. With over 1200 companies benefiting from the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), find out all you need to know to become one of them.

While the Liferay platform offers a number of portal solutions, this article will focus on the following four:

  • Customer portals
  • Partner portals
  • Supplier portals
  • Employee portals

Liferay Customer Portals

Customers are expecting a higher quality of service than ever before. With the latest technologies available, Liferay can keep your customers satisfied. Liferay understands their customer portals need to be all about empowering the customer, and with the right Liferay development services to tailor them to your unique business needs, the sky’s the limit. Their portals are easy to navigate and help customers get the information they need with tailored search results and information that’s relevant to them.

Liferay’s customer portals can also create a simple, unique experience during the buying process for each individual customer that will greatly enhance the probability of repeat purchasing. Research has found that 93% of customers are likely to return if they have received excellent customer service from companies they have purchased from. Liferay’s customer portals offer simple decision-making by showing products and ordering options specifically for the customer. It also offers recommendations based on past purchases, offers support for different payment methods, and more. 

Liferay Partner Portals

Liferay’s partner portals are personalized to your partners so they can easily grow and become successful. Asking your Liferay development team to set up a partner portal will enable you to support your partners better, without having to take on any additional staff. Liferay enables partners to use self-service options so they can find answers and solutions independently. Liferay partner portals also provide secure online spaces to access sensitive documents and integrate with other platforms for automated partner payments and training. Liferay also makes it easy for your partners to find the right solutions for their customers with digital product catalogs tailored to them.

Liferay Supplier Portals

We all know how important it is to have a good relationship with your suppliers, but Liferay’s supplier portals make it easy to provide the support your suppliers need, efficiently. Liferay supplier portals enable self-service, housing materials, and FAQs so they can find the information they need without having to wait for a purchasing agent to help them. Liferay supplier portals also assist your sales team by offering one central location to share information on pricing, availability, promotions, and warranties. Your team will be able to easily communicate with suppliers to effectively unite on custom orders and inquiries. Liferay will also make your own team more efficient as they can freely monitor supplier performance. 

Liferay Employee Portals

A quality intranet can transform a workplace into one where every employee knows where to find the information they need. With a Liferay employee portal, time is used more effectively, and there are far fewer frustrations about communication. Liferay’s employee portals help your employees get what they need faster. Important information can be located in one central area which can be personalized and localized for employees in different regions. Employees have access to their HR, benefits, and payment information, and updates can be made seamlessly. With Liferay, employees are empowered to be self-sufficient and foster greater communication through forums, online chats, and groups where they can answer each other’s questions and upskill themselves through online learning and rapid onboarding. 

Your Liferay Agency Partner

Liferay portals offer some amazing benefits that will make your business more streamlined, improve ROI, and work more effectively for you and each person who interacts with your business. is a Platinum Liferay Services Partner, offering Liferay development services, Liferay managed services, and Liferay implementation services. Whether you are looking for a customizable solution for employees or partners, customers or suppliers, we can integrate Liferay and offer the support you need so you can focus on other areas of your business. Our Liferay experts can help you maximize Liferay’s features to benefit your business and give you the highest ROI. If you have any questions or would like us to get you started with Liferay, contact us today.

Are you getting the most out of your Liferay implementation? Check out more details on our Liferay upgrade consultation services. We’ll help you identify priorities and goals to ensure you’re maximizing the platform’s latest features and optimizations. 

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