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Site search accounts for over 30% of all website activity. 80% of customers will abandon a site after a poor site experience.

A good site search experience is crucial for online success. With Hawk Search, you’ll deliver a fast, effective search experience by leveraging a powerful site search platform. Unlike other platforms, Hawk Search is easy to implement and use without IT interference, and the user-friendly platform makes it simple for users of any skill level to manage merchandising and view reports. Not your average site search, its rich features have made it the choice for over 300 sites, including Beretta, Stuart Weitzman, and Burlington Coat Factory. Start delivering relevant results to your customers and drive them to checkout faster than ever before with Hawk Search.


Hawk Search is packed with features that make your customers’ search a success - the very first time. From smart suggestions for products and keywords, to autocomplete for popular searches, stemming, and synonyms, it‘s never been more intuitive to search-and-retrieve results. In addition, via content spotlighting your team can optimize email marketing campaigns with custom landing pages. 

How can you sell products if your customers can’t find them? With Hawk Search, you’ll eliminate frustration, increase conversions, and decrease the time it takes your customers to find products. Hawk Search’s advanced navigation allows your visitors to effortlessly filter to get to the results they want, browse by category, or use intelligent search, which can be personalized based on navigation and product selections. 

It’s crucial that your customers experience a distraction-free search experience. Hawk Search allows you to personalize based on dynamic attributes like gender, location, and browser for a more targeted shopping experience, and the advanced navigation makes removing irrelevant results straightforward. Through guided navigation, you are able to fine tune results by any attribute. Hawk Search also allows you to customize the content of a landing page based on a search term. 

Rev your search engines - every aspect of Hawk Search is built for speed. The engine can process millions of records in milliseconds and it's scalable as it can handle over 40 searches per second.

  • Guided Navigation
  • Merchandising Tools
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Content Spotlighting
  • Multi-Language Feature
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Intelligent Search
  • Smart Autocomplete
  • SEO Booster
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Voice-enabled Mobile Site Search
  • Category Navigation

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