Critter Control

New Admin Tool Allows Easier Coverage Mapping

Critter Control, is the nation's leading wildlife control company with more than 80 offices nation-wide. They have been resolving customer wildlife and pest issues for over 30 years. 

For this project, redesigned their existing Kentico site, while adding specific functional changes, including ADA enhancements. The Critter Control team has an external database that manages the coverage areas for each zip code. The website previously did not have the ability for an admin user to update this coverage mapping. implemented an admin tool that gives them the ability to manage the routing via an import tool, or manually on an individual franchise location page, based on a 1:1 match with a zip code and BranchID. This function is used on the front-end zip code location finder tool as well as with the lead gen form submission notifications/routing to correct Branch. 




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