ROC for BigCommerce B2B

ROC for BigCommerce

The extensible enterprise B2X solution that puts merchants in control

Looking for a solution to take your business beyond the BigCommerce B2X Edition offering? ROC for BigCommerce is an extensible ecommerce application built on top of the ROC Commerce framework and is seamlessly integrated with the BigCommerce platform to deliver best-in-class, enterprise B2X functionality.

About the App

This comprehensive B2X app offers a robust set of features out-of-the-box. These features allow merchants to go-to-market quickly and manage their operations efficiently. Once installed, the advantage of the ROC for BigCommerce app is growth and extensibility. As your storefront scales, so can the features within your ROC for BigCommerce app. Merchants can add new, advanced features over time, continuously improving the B2X ecommerce solution.

ROC for BigCommerce is a hosted, managed solution and designed to extend BigCommerce’s Enterprise plan. This app was created by with feedback and guidance from the BigCommerce product development and leadership teams. ROC Commerce and have a combined 25+ years of experience developing B2X ecommerce solutions.

Download the ROC for BigCommerce app today and get the full suite of B2X features, which will improve the self-service experience for both merchants and customers.

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BigCommerce B2B Partner
ROC Framework

Extensible for Enterprise Needs

As the market evolves and merchant needs change, ROC for BigCommerce is ready making B2X as easy as B2C.

The ROC Commerce framework is:

  • Built on .Net Core (native libraries)
  • Supports a full set of restful APIs
  • Includes event hooks and handlers
  • Offers hosting flexibility*
  • Integrates with ERP, CRM, OMS, IMS, WMS, and more

The ROC for BigCommerce app is typically hosted by, however can be hosted by client or public cloud infrastructure, such as Azure and AWS.

ROC for BigCommerce B2B Scenarios

Enterprise Scenarios

  • Add support for real-time pricing from your ERP or implement custom pricing logic
  • Integrate organization and customer management workflows with back office systems
  • Use ROC’s integration with Hawksearch for machine learning-driven product recommendations
  • Retrieve real-time inventory across multiple locations and order it in terms of proximity to the buyer
  • Define and manage unique product relationship types such as cross-sell vs. up-sell
  • Track closest warehouse, product availability, product restrictions, etc.
  • Add support for multiple shopping carts and shared lists
  • Store extensible product metadata

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