Celebrates Fifth Sitecore Hackathon Title

For the fifth time in six years, is ecstatic to celebrate its Sitecore development team for winning the 2024 Sitecore Hackathon. “Cloud Surfers,”’s competing team, claimed the title and category win for Best Module for XM/XP or XM Cloud. 

The Sitecore Hackathon is a community-driven event organized by Sitecore enthusiasts around the world. Each year, participants are asked to develop and code a digital project using Sitecore’s core features in just 24 hours. The 2024 Hackathon featured 42 teams from 15 countries. 

This year, Hackathon participants had to build and submit a solution either depicting the best use of artificial intelligence (AI) or the best module for XM/XP or XM Cloud.’s winning team consisted of the following Sitecore experts: 

  • Mohammed Syam
  • James Gregory
  • Szymon Dabrowski

Additionally,’s Maggie Burke, Director of Sitecore Operations, and Casey Stanutz, Senior Sitecore Account Manager, helped the team plan and strategize the project. 

Cloud Surfer’s winning solution was derived from two key challenges typically faced by those utilizing XM Cloud: extending modules for XM Cloud and automating the data coming in and out of XM Cloud. To solve for these challenges, Cloud Surfers built a XM Cloud buddy app, using the Sitecore Blok design system and Next.js App Router hosted on Vercel, to provide a dashboard for non-technical users to trigger automation flows via webhooks to systems like Sitecore Connect. For example, the team configured import and export jobs between Sitecore and CSV files using Sitecore Connect flows. 

“This year, our Hackathon entry showcased some of the newest Sitecore technologies: Sitecore XM Cloud, Sitecore Connect as well as building a Next.JS App styled using Sitecore Blok,” Szymon Dabrowski, Senior Sitecore Architect and sixth-time Hackathon participant, said. “It was a great opportunity to get creative with these frameworks. While they're new now, these frameworks will become the standard that all Sitecore developers will need to become very familiar with.”

Learn more about Cloud Surfer’s XM Cloud module by watching this video

The 2024 Hackathon win represents yet another achievement for’s Sitecore practice. The Cloud Surfers boast a collective experience of more than 25 years and are committed to creating modules that solve real challenges. Over time, these solutions evolve into smart ideas that form the foundation for future developments and applications.

“Kudos to the Cloud Surfers in winning the 2024 Sitecore Hackathon!,” Casey Stanutz said. “They take real world use cases and challenges we have experienced and think outside the box of how we can solve them. Not to mention they knock a solution out of the park in 24 hours! Five wins in six years is pretty spectacular for teams from”

The Cloud Surfers are proud of their achievement and excited to use the solution for future Sitecore development opportunities. is a certified Sitecore partner with more than 10 years of experience building robust digital experiences. Leveraging expansive capabilities, our website agency works with clients across industries to deliver meaningful, measurable results. Learn more about our Sitecore development services and contact us today to get started.