Mecum Auctions Drives its Digital Experience Forward with Brand-New Website Built by is proud to announce the launch of a modern, scalable, and performant website for Mecum Auctions (, built as a Headless WordPress platform.

A versatile headless digital solution decoupled the website's front-end delivery from Mecum's vast libraries of assets within the systems that store them. The website is powered by the WordPress content management system (CMS) and utilizes prestructured content blocks. Additionally, Mecum’s headless solution is powered by a combination of best-in-class tools, including WordPress VIP, Salesforce, Vercel, Cloudinary, and Algolia, to achieve unprecedented speed, performance, and scalability.

"We're thrilled to unveil the new website, which represents a major milestone for Mecum Auctions," President Mike Svanascini said. "A culmination of hard work and cross-team collaboration, Mecum's new, fully integrated digital solution gives it the toolkit it needs to be successful now and far into the future. We're proud to have been a key partner in this project and are looking forward to Mecum's future successes."

To learn more about Mecum Auction’s brand-new website, read the full press release