Approved as Official G-Cloud Certified Provider has recently become G-Cloud certified meaning we are now included on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace as a Cloud Software provider. This digital marketplace serves as a directory of approved cloud-based technology solutions for government bodies and companies working in the public sector (such as public transit, public education, etc.). Being G-Cloud certified means has exceeded the security, contractual, accessibility, and services needs of a government agency.

“We are proud and excited to share the news of our official G-Cloud Certification approval,” said General Manager EMEA, Pierre D’Arbost. “Since we provide digital services across many industries, this certification means our customers can feel comfortable and confident in their decision to work with We hope this will give current and future customers the reassurance that is the right company for the project, today and tomorrow.”

Factors that lead to’s certification approval include over 25 years of dedicated best-in-class web development, design, hosting, and digital marketing services. The company provides 24/7 global support, growth capabilities, innovative technology integrations, and a wide range of expertise including UX design, strategy, client services, artificial intelligence consulting, and much more.

In addition to these factors, continues to provide quality, secure, and PCI-compliant hosting services. This hosting expertise included defending against web application/DDoS attacks and using PCI requirements as an underlying framework in securing all customer websites. has hosted websites for high-profile federal government sites (FISMA compliance), such as the White House, and for clients airing commercials during large events like the Super Bowl.

As a provider, is also able to apply its G-cloud certification to institutions and companies in the private sector who need a certain level of sensitive data understanding such as healthcare, banking, and financial. The company’s goal is to provide these organizations with a feeling of ease and security knowing that has met the requirements of a government agency and is always keeping the provided data safe. Ultimately, this certification articulates the company’s value of always demonstrating a customer-first-culture while consistently going “above and beyond” for its clients.