's Transportation Technology Partners and HMS Ferries, Inc. Introduce a Revolutionary Transportation Ticketing System for Washington's Pierce County Ferry

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA--(Marketwired - July 28, 2016) - The expectation of mobile ticketing in the transportation industry is growing feverishly as the amount of time consumers spend on mobile devices increased over 500% during the past three years. When faced with the ongoing challenges of scaling ticketing operations to adapt to mobile demands, and recognizing that consumers are quick to migrate to electronic payment solutions wherever possible, HMS Ferries, Inc. commissioned to create a state-of-the-art ticketing system for its client, Pierce County Ferry. On Tuesday, July 26th, 2016, HMS Ferries launched QR-code tickets and will soon deploy a smart card system. Now, ferry passengers are able to purchase mobile tickets directly from their smartphones, online, and print at home or print QR-code tickets from the ticket booth at the ferry terminal.

The new mobile ticketing solution allows customers to bypass the ticket line at the ferry terminal by using their smartphone to purchase tickets. Boarding will also become much more efficient as customers no longer have to fumble for cash to pay for fares.

As mobile device usage expectations increase, so do the issues of migrating legacy ticketing systems to better suit the needs of customers. Integration with mobile solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and credit card purchases have begun to replace the traditional cash payment model. While the concept of electronic ticketing and payments can be extremely efficient for the transportation business model, it also presents a new set of challenges.

Security, reliability and back office data integrity are crucial in developing a solution for the transit industry. Ticketing systems must also be designed to be easily upgraded to accept modifications as technology demands change.'s Transportation Technology Partners and HMS Ferries have delivered a system to Pierce County, Washington that is secure, reliable, and flexible. It's sure to exceed the expectations of the county, ferry visitors, and regular commuters.

Chung Chung Tam, Senior Vice President at, previously worked for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) for 19 years and was responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of all fare payment projects. He's leveraged his experience from working with both the private and public sectors to deliver solid payment solutions to transit agencies worldwide.

Tam states, "HMS Ferries recognized our successful experience developing well-designed transit websites and implementing the account-based fare payment solution, giving them confidence to partner with to offer a mobile ticketing system to Pierce County Ferry and their other clients. This solution not only benefits Pierce County Ferry passengers as it gives them a convenient way to pay for their fares, it also allows HMS Ferries to provide a more cost effective service to Pierce County Ferry. We look forward to working with HMS Ferries for many more years to come."

This integrated ticketing solution was implemented through a strong working partnership with HMS Ferries. Matthew Miller, Vice President of HMS Ferries, summarized the new system as "a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge ticketing system that provides our client the flexibility to meet customer needs as they evolve over time. Other systems we looked at were static, while provided a system that grows and adjusts as the market changes. Additionally, the technical expertise and customer service support we have experienced with is second to none."

The ticketing technology has also been deployed at the Channel Cat Water Taxi in Moline, Illinois, another ferry operated by HMS Ferries, with overwhelming success.

Some of's past experience includes an account-based web portal for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)'s Chicago Card Plus, Chicago's Ventra & Ventra Mobile web portal, and an app for the Chicago Auto Show that allows customers to purchase tickets on their mobile devices.

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