Helps American Life Fund Reach Out to Cancer Patients with New Website

American Life Fund allows cancer patients to sell their existing life insurance policy to pay for medical and other expenses that arise during their battle with the disease. In an effort to increase awareness of this possible life-saving option, American Life Fund collaborated with to launch a completely refreshed and intuitive online presence, built on a platform that is stress free and easy to use.

Hundreds of cancer patients have received an average of $100k cash to pay for existing medical bills and more through American Life Fund. As one of the leading viatical settlement companies in the nation, American Life Fund needed a better way to communicate to those who might need their services.

Erin Simmons, Director of Marketing and Sales at American Life Fund, explained: "Many individuals with cancer have no idea the service of selling your existing life insurance for immediate cash even exists as a financial option. With the cost of cancer skyrocketing and such a need for our financial service, it was clear to us that we needed a larger platform in order to reach all of our potential clients in need. We wanted to get our message and service out to as many people as possible and our previous website was not doing that for us. We wanted a website that was new, fresh, fast and easy for our clients to navigate through. It was very important to me to ensure that after our clients visited our new website they felt a sense of trust and compassion as well as hopefulness."

The new website is efficient, fast and simple to use. The designers at created call to action forms that stand out and are easy to complete, and the home page is visually appealing and instantly conveys the American Life Fund message.

Erin commented, “The developers did a wonderful job with our vision for the new website. They truly captured the emotional connection and compassionate message we want to give all of our clients that visit our new site.” President Mike Svanascini said, “It was an honor to produce a website for a company like American Life Fund as anything to alleviate just a small percentage of the issues cancer patients face in their battle with this awful disease is commendable.”

Take a look at the new American Life Fund website here:

About American Life Fund 
American Life Fund is an industry leading life settlement company that specializes in viatical settlements, based in Atlanta, GA. American Life Fund offers financial assistance to individual’s with a life-threatening disease or late stage cancer that are looking to loan against or sell their existing life insurance policy.