Information Architecture Strategy

Information Architecture

Organizing content to enhance the user experience

It's important to enter a digital project with a clear understanding of how content will be categorized and organized. Our team performs an information architecture strategy to determine the purposeful and meaningful organization of content through the definition of navigation structures, page and content structures, sitemaps, and organizational systems. All of this provides a clear vision and a user-focused experience.

Do you need better information architecture?

  • Do users have a hard time finding information on your website?
  • Has your site greatly expanded in content (new products, services, knowledge content) since the initial launch?
  • Are you looking at increasing conversions on your site and simplifying the user process?
  • Are you having internal challenges of departments vying for space and priority of their information on the site?
  • Are users struggling to understand what your company has to offer? 

If so, your website's information architecture needs a revamp. Our team will assess all of your content to develop an organizational structure that maximizes findability. 


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