Why You Need a Free HubSpot Audit

As you already use HubSpot, you’re probably well aware of its potential – but are you best utilizing it?

A free mini HubSpot account audit can help you make the most of the HubSpot Marketing Hub, with insight tailored to your business.

HubSpot Marketing Hub has a plethora of features and capabilities, but do you know if you’re using all of them to their full potential? Americaneagle.com has a team of Digital Marketing experts available to help you best match HubSpot’s tools with your marketing goals.

Your free HubSpot audit will include:

  • Review of segmentation rules for accuracy
  • Review of Lead Scoring rules to meet marketing goals
  • Reporting review to make sure you see what matters

Americaneagle.com has a professional, dedicated Digital Marketing team able to help you best utilize HubSpot Marketing Hub.

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