Has your website's content grown in ways that may not be strategic?

We can help you.

A content analysis is an essential tool to support your content strategy. It provides insight into your content ecosystem. It isn’t just a tool to collect URLs; it is a tool to provide context that helps you understand why your content performs in the way it does. A content analysis is a process of systematically reviewing all the content you have on your site. This process allows you to look closely at your optimization efforts to see how well you are meeting your business objectives. 


We have helped many big brand clients collect and analyze assets on their website via a content analysis. Your business can gain valuable insights into the content to create, update, rewrite, or remove.

The Americaneagle.com team would like to help your content to best represent your brand, nurture leads, and convert sales.  

Content analysis can include:

  • Site crawl with raw data
  • Clean site crawl organization
  • Relevant data research
  • Findings and conclusions
  • Content audit dashboard